Sunday, August 5, 2007

The UMM Dilemma

What is the 'UMM' factor?

Do you remember times when you really want to say something to someone, and all you end up saying is UMM...
Maybe you want to confess, about something absolutely wrong that you have done, but all you can come up with is UMM..

Imagine this, you love someone, and theyre sitting right next to you, but you fear telling them you love them, because you dont want to lose them, as a friend, maybe they wont be there for too long, maybe you wont have their presence by your side, and you don't want to spoil things. You love the person so much so, that you fear telling them you love them, because maybe their behaviour towards you might change, or you might feel awkward around them. Whatever the reason be, the final product is the UMM Factor.

Or how about this, your blood brother, has been in a relationship for 4 years, and sure he's been having trouble with his fiance, but now with the emergence of a new woman in his life, he seems smitten and wants to end the four year relationship. You understand his predicament, but you can quite understand as to how he managed to stay in the relationship for so long anyhoo, and it seems to you as if, that you know, it's only because of this new lady, that he is willing to end the relationship.
Do you ask him about it, or do you keep mum?

What do you do then? Do you bottle your emotions in yourself, and hope that the feelings pass. Or do you just blurt out what you want to say, and hope for the best. What if you can't really risk it? What if there's too much riding on your words, would you risk it?

But then, is it sensible to keep the feelings within you?

I was even confused as to whether or not i should put this post up or not, but this blog is one of the ways, by which I can let out these pent up emotions.

Probably the person reading it knows what it's about, and I can say nothing more.
But this, that I am very glad that I said what I had to, and trust me, by keeping your feelings and thoughts bottled inside, it just totally messes with your mind, and all you end up doing is feeling horrible and thinking the whole world around you is crumbling like a giant chocolate chip cookie.

So hear me out, say what you have to, dont think about the consequences. I will call it, the words you say, Random, and random is what you say without filtering, and that is the pure truth, and you will be respected for your Randomness.

Trust me, it's a great feeling. Because then, you aren't lying to yourself. And you sleep well at night.


mesmerized said...

Brilliant udit ....!you are finally realizing its better to Blurt it out an be an idiot then keep it in you an be a idiot. Aleast you can say you tried.

Im not much to give off in emotions, as you already know, all i say is ... my only principal in life say what you have 2 say and worry about the rest later. For what you have to say, is what you truly are, and there is no reason to stifle your feelings/emotions/hatred and crap.

Just say it ... yes some timing your timing will be horrible (ask me about it :P) but well atleast i said what was on my mind .. Heres the catch you can say too yourself.
I have my opinion. my thoughts and guess what bugger, if you cant handle it you cant handle me .

SIMPLE you oath to be who you are.. or else whats the use of living
(yikes long long comment could have been a post on my blog :P)

ob81 said...

This was a great write up! I always believed that victory is in the hands of a person who "just does it". If you never say anything, other people will never know whats on your mind. Seize the day!