Wednesday, August 1, 2007


rain overhead,
trickles down my shoulders,
down my face,
merging with few tears,
who would know the difference.

walking in the rain,
not a care in the world,
maybe a time,
to stand and stare,
to wonder about,
what could be,
or what is?

the patter of rain,
the pearlescent drops,
washing away,
every pain,
every sorrow,
every grain,
and yet,
it all returns,

and then i see her,
hear her,
feel her by my side,
like the rain that washed me,
she is the clarity,
and yet,
she is not there.

Image Courtesy:
Hard Rain


mesmerized said...

Very well written .....! Wonder who that invisibly, omnipresent chick is :P

Experimental Mania said...

the ominipresent chick.. is someone who i think of constantly..and who is as you say...omnipresent! :P

Still Waters said...

I like it.
I think it is very naively written.

The difference between and 'Patter' and 'The Cup of Mocha' is pretty much evident, as this poem is much more emotionally evolved.
Though the naivete of the emotions is still there, you've become slightly more eloquent.