Thursday, August 9, 2007

LOL and Random

You know of late, I've been using the word randomly in every sentence i say. Either randomly, or just u know, any form of the word random, such as random,randomness,randomly etcetera... u get the picture! The funny thing is I didn't even realise it.

So anyhoo, i was talking to my friend Reema over the phone, and we were just "randomly" chatting about stuff, and then we were talking about me writing poetry. So I was like, ya I write poems either when I'm in love, or I'm hurt. So basically, I was like I take "random" sheets of printer paper, pick up any "random" pen, and just "randomly" pen down some lines. You SEE! She burst out laffing, she was like, I know random for every other thing.."oh you just randomly kissed a girl back then, and you randomly were dating someone!". Yes, I mean seriously this whole over usage of word in all sentences I say can get creepy.

But the thing is, every other month, I get hooked on to a new word, which i just keep on, repeating, at every other place.

When I first got into BMM, it was "Basically". Basically this, and basically that. I wouldn't stop. I remember they used to mock me in class, going like, "So Basically,"... yup! That was that phase..

Then I've used words like D'oh, Doi,all that jazz,anyhoo(lately, for i have no clue what reason)..
and then there's the most horrible word!

LOL! Lol or Laugh out Loud, is a term used during electronic chats or conversations, via email or instant messengers. NOT TO BE USED IN REAL LIFE!

And this also forms one of the phases of word usage I've been in. Malvika, would get soo pissed off with me. She'd probably tell me a joke online and I'd type 'ha ha'.. and if she told me something funny in real life, maybe in person or on the fone, I'd mutter, 'LOL'. She'd say, "Dude u fucking idiot! You laugh in real life, and say LOL online.. not the other way around!!'..
good heavens, how much i must have frustrated her with my LOLing.

Now to come to the crux of it.
What is random? If you've read Priya's post on it, you might have a fair idea.

But maybe random is not what you say without filteration alone. It is something, that you look for in someone, who you do not know, it's a craving for this different sensation, which makes the person in a sense alien to you, so that you can have the enjoyment of discovering them. This alien sense is lost once you have discovered about the person, and the randomness, tends to dissapear, and then you think the person, has become very, predictable.

But randomness, is an inherent quality in a few people, and being random is not just words or sentences that seem different.

Randomness is a persona. It is not something that you could possibly search for, but one that presents itself to you. If you ask for randomness, it will disappear. It is the very essence of a person, who is able to create a different aura around himself at different moments of his life. There is this trait, which defines them from others,which is of being not only able to talk without filters, but also through his words, create a sense of belonging, while at the same time staying distant. That my dear friends is random.

So I use random a lot, but am I random.
Perhaps I am, perhaps I am not. But I'm not here to judge myself or others, so I ask you, are you random?


Moksh Juneja said...

What a random, out of the blue post!! You dont have to feel guilty about using any word expotential times.. reminds of this one particular teacher where we use to make tally marks as to the number times, he use to say "O.K.". Are you in teaching profession?

Experimental Mania said...

no no.. in the media sphere..
planning on pursuing advertising..
but not teaching!

mesmerized said...

I wonder where thats inspired from ... u freakin copy cat

so randomly randomized your random post from my random post adding ransom flowery words , and randomly asking same question i asked ...