Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lost Camera, Prof Yelled At

"Ma'am you have a PhD, and is it not that when you write a thesis, it must be based on accurate facts and figures. If that is the case, then why did you make such a loose statement!"

The weekend is almost over, it's Sunday already. It's been a lazy sorta weekend. But with the project submission bearing down me on Monday, well, I'm surprisingly relaxed. :P
Just woke up a while back.. haven't been blogging for a few days...don't really know why...too many things have been happening.
Just ate some pancakes and drank some cold coffee, yumm!

First my digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A550, got stolen from my bag, in class. I mean that's the height of kleptomania. I got fired at by my parents for obvious reasons. But I will leave no stone unturned, in catching the culprit, because I know that he/she is in our class.

Yesterday was a interesting day.
Well first, I actually landed up for the Culture Studies lecture, which would be just my third time in that class. So anyhoo, this prof,Archana Mishra, decides to give us a Pop Quiz. I mean what, are we in the second grade!! So well, she started writing the questions on the board. I immediately had three issues:
  • Her handwriting was terrible
  • I didn't know what to write
  • She seemed to have religious bias in her questions
So well, point 1 and 2 couldn't be helped. I mean what was I to do, couldn't tell her that her handwriting sucks, that would be downright rude!

But point 3, well around 10 people in class felt the same thing, that her questions had a religious bias, as she only asked questions about a certain religion, though the class was culture studies.
So I stood up, and made my opinion heard, that we felt that her questions were religiously biased, and asked her to discuss about global cultures as well.


She points at me, and tells someone else in class, "These people are so ethnocentric..."
I was like, mothafucking hell, what I'm ethnocentric because I want to discuss global cultures.

She was going to be at the receiving end.

Now the first line of the blog was the first thing I said, I shall quote the rest as I said it:

"Also, I think the dictionary says, that ethnocentric, is someone who thinks that one's culture is superior and other cultures are lesser, so unless the definition has changed, I don't really think, I'm ethnocentric!"
"We're in a culture studies and we should be studying all cultures, not just one culture, I think that's why I've taken this class!"
"That's my point of view, and the point of view of around 10 people in this class, so now do as you please, I've said what I had to!"

She was dumbfounded! Oh ya! That felt super!

Then in the evening I went to watch a theatrical performance at Prithvi Theatre in Juhu with my parents! A play by Dinesh Thakur, called Mitr, about an old man's quest to find a friendship. Hilarious play.Good fun.It was a satire in a sense.

So anyhoo, after that at my behest, we met up with my dad's friend's at Lotus Cafe,J.W. Marriot. Good chatting up with them, and randomness.

(No drinking for me, after the Polaris post-celebration fiasco!)

So then that was, that, a crazy week,losing my camera, giving a prof,a earful of words she'll never forget. Fantastico!

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Moksh Juneja said...

I always say, 'when problems arise they never march singly, but in battallions.'

Glad you liked Mitr, i hoping to catch it someday myself

mesmerized said...

hahah! you go with the fire shots in culture study class.....Im glad u fired back .. much required i say ... !

And about your camera.... well shit happen !