Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Formula One Turkish Grand Prix - Live Updates

The Formula One Turkish Grand Prix Qualifying has begun.
This is the third time the F-1 Grand Prix is being held in Turkey.

16:32PM - Takuma Sato, is the first of the runners to start his Q1 Session Qualifying Lap.

16:34PM - Sato aborts his lap. Yamamoto and Sutil spin at the same corner.
- Sebastian Vettel is on his qualfying lap.
- Alex Wurz gets provisional pole. 1:28:550

16:35PM - Rosberg on his qualifying lap.
- Schumacher takes 2nd, demoted by Rosberg

16:37PM - The order presently:
Rosberg, Kovaleinen, Coulthard, Wurz, Trulli, Fisichella, Button, Webber

16:40PM- Kimi Raikonnen takes provincial pole (1:27:294), followed by Hamilton.

16:41PM- Alonso demotes Hamilton to take 2nd.

3mins remain of Q1 Qualifying.

16:43PM- Cars headed back to the pits, Fisichella heads back out for another lap.
The order presently:

Q1 Session is officially over, only cars on track now times will count.

16:45 PM - Davidson, takes 8th..superb stuff.


-------A Break Now.. phew-----------

Q2 Begins, but no cars on track yet.
Track Temp is ^ - 52'C

16:54PM - Alex Wurz is the first man out.

16:56PM - Wurz takes provisional pole.
- Webber and Davidson are out on track.

16:58PM - Trulli, Coulthard,Webber, Rosberg.. the order till now.

17:00PM -Raikonnen takes pro pole(1:26:902), Hamilton out on track as well.
- Raikonnen,Hamilton,Massa the top 3 now, and Alonso is on his warmup.

17:02PM - P1 for Alonso till now, and Kubica, takes 5th fastest.

3 Mins more in Q2 Session.

17:09 - Davidson gets into the top 10 in 8th, but gets bumped out by Trulli and Fisichella.
The order at the end of Q2:
Alonso, Raikonnen, Hamilton, Massa and the rest.
-----------A BREAK AGAIN-----------

Q3 Starts.

17:15PM- Raikonnen leads the cars out to start Q3.

17:20PM -Raikonnen sets the fastest lap(1:28:501), followed by Hamilton.

17:23PM - The order presently: Raikonnen,Hamilton,Heidfeld,Massa, Kubica, Alonso, Kovaleinen, Trulli, Rosberg, Fisichella.

17:27PM - Kimi takes pole by .95 of a second, followed by Hamilton, Massa takes the pole by .0026 of a second, Alonso goes 3rd.

Last 3 Mins of Qualifying in Q3

17:31PM - Massa takes pole in Qualifying. Hamilton 2nd, Raikonnen 3rd, Alonso 4th.

The order at the end of Q3 is:

Massa, Hamilton, Raikonnen, Alonso, Kubica ,Heidfeld, Kovaleinen,Rosberg, Trulli and Fisichella.

So the order on track is:
Ferrari, McLaren,Ferrari, Mclaren, BMW&BMW,Renault,Williams,Toyota,Renault.

So that's all for today.. catch you tomorrow at 5:30PM.

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