Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Five Twenty AM

Yessiree, that is the time presently.
And I've had it upto my life's worth, which Adobe Photoshop CS2. 35 pages of a word document, recreated in photoshop are no laughing matter.

So my tryst with sleep deprivation continues for one more night.

And my iTunes keeps on belting out the songs. I've kept the party shuffle, so pretty decent stuff finds it's way through. But my fav song has got to be Thunderstruck by AC/DC and Paradise City by GnR.

Well so as usual i decided to click some pictures to keep you updated:

1. What's running on my PC?
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Mozilla Firefox - Pownce , GMail

2. Printing out the pages, that must be page 6 out of 35.

3. That's the final.. all pages thingy.. plus the new cover i made... will put that up below by itself.

4. That's me, frustrated, and only 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours. PISSED OFF AS HELL!


cheers and i think i'm gonna crash now! cheers!


Moksh Juneja said...

WOW!! that's a lot of hard work gone into the project!!

Experimental Mania said...

thanks moksh...ya im exhausted.. gonna do sum powncing and then crash till time immemorial!