Thursday, August 16, 2007

karma works in myriad ways

According to me,karma is a very fluid concept.
why do i say so?
Well karma,means the acts you commit. Be it good or bad. That is karma. But then how can you define karma in today's existence.

Good karma. Throughout the ages, good karma has been considered to be helping others, or doing good onto others, such as the Bible says, "Do onto others, and you would wish to be done onto you".
Truth or satya, is the cornerstone of good karma. Are the means of attaining or acquiring truth questionable? Or can any form by which truth is attained, even if it means to stoop to levels that may be considered bad karma, be accepted as "for the greater good".
If you have to kill someone, or threaten them,to find out the truth in their actions, is that good karma?

Bad karma. A widely debated concept. All your sins,talking ill of others, and your wrongdoings would fall into this category.Lies,deceit,violence. The very essence of bad karma. In today's world, bad karma could range from lying to your girlfriends, or random fibbing and flattery.
Distortion of the truth. For whatever reason. Be it to preserve someone's feelings, or be it, because your afraid of telling the truth, or just for your selfish reasons.

I can talk about good and bad karma because I know that I have engaged in both and I am willing to also accept that I pay for my bad karma, and relish my good.

I have hurt people by my words, I have hurt people who have loved me in ways that I do not think I could possibly be forgiven for. I have broken people's trust, and belief in me, and I accept it.
I accept that, and I know I pay a price for it. I hurt a lover's sentiments, and I pay the price for it with my relationships. To scorn love, is to scorn the very essence of humanity. And by scorning a love which was dear to me, I have been scorned, by those I have loved, and I have been humiliated, but I accept it with open hands. For I know, that when you do a wrong onto others, it does come back onto you.

Love is a very volatile concept. In love all seems rosy,but out of it the world seems bitter. But if you've been scorned, rather than blaming yourself, or your lover for the pain you have been caused, do one thing. Accept.

Accept that you have done some wrong according to the Divine Court of Justice,for which you are paying the price, but remember this as well, that the person, who has hurt you, has attained bad karma, and the vicious circle of right and wrong will continue, and they too will one day,face divine justice.

An end of a relationship, is not the end of the world, it's the start of a new beginning.
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