Friday, August 3, 2007

Rains,Spilling Popcorn,Faulty Projector and the Simpsons Movie

What a day!

First it takes me 45 minutes to get from home to college, where on every other day it would have taken me like, 7 minutes. The roads were clogged with traffic, and water logging everywhere. Even on my road, which is right next to the sea. Creepy!

So I go to college, attend the Creative Writing lecture. Good fun.Wrote two stories about body language of persons, 1 was in a lift, and the other.. well body language of my dog, when it is agitated. I wrote that in first person. Good fun!

After college, met up with Purab and crew at Mocha's for a cuppa coffee, and randomness, listened in on a few people's conversations about advertising(yes itz bad manners, but i cant block out speech!), and there was some photoshoot on at mocha's. The model looked hot! :P

Got home, faffed for a while, then decided to record a video using my webcam. Was talking to my friend Ambarin on the telephone, while recording the video. Spent the next two hours editing the video, and prepping it to load on YouTube. All during this while, my food kept getting cold.

4:50pm, left home, to go fill some fuel in the car, and pick up Priya. It was the Simpson's Movie day!! woohoo!! So we got to Sterling, and there where quite a throng of people outside..all for the simpson's movie! It is a majorly hyped kickass movie afterall!
So well, Priya and me decided to sit in the lobby, and realized that it was like Antarctica in there! So we stood near the popcorn machine (warm u see!)...and well Priya as usual decided to check out phirang(hindi slang for foreigner) dudes.. well this is a d'oh moment.. phirang dude turned out to be an indian gora! heheh!!

I have said this in the past and will say this again, Sterling Cineplex, gives me a damned Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once you see the picture you will know what I mean. Well Priya clicked some pics of us with her cell, and as soon as she gets free I'll get the pics from her!

Well then we got popcorn, and then thanks to my stupidity..yes my stupidity.. I dropped the popcorn on my seat, the whole thing, even before the movie started! D'oh!

So the movie.. was a laugh-a-minute-ride sort of film, and filled with many titbits of the show(the Fox ads in-film..heheh, the 'To Be Continued' screen)... it was great fun, but somehow, like the Simpson's episodes from season 9 onwards, the plot is very wayward, and can get cliched at times. But none the less, it's a film I would watch again, I mean it's been 17 years in the making! :P

They have a completely incompetent bunch of technicians in the projector room! During the interval, they went on a chai break, and left the projector running. So well these songs were playing during the interval,and then suddenly the movie starts playing, and we see homer's lips move but we hear this wierd 90's boy band pop song.. ppl started yelling, and we all joined in yelling the choicest abuses in Hindi and English!

Then we were supposed to get a Subway sandwich, but the crowds were too much to handle, and even the sight of a phirang, could not tempt her to wait in line!

So anyhow, we went and grabbed a pack of horribly greasy fries from McDonald's, which made me queasy.

And then we left, I headed home, and here I am, uploaded the video I recorded and edited this afternoon a while back, and then after eating a SUPREMELY SPICY dinner(in record time), I decided to write another post, one which I have written but unsure about putting up, and then I wrote this post.

So ya.. that's about my day.

Quite fascinating, primarily because of the The Simpsons Movie accompanied with meeting Priya.

Goodness redefined!

Location Details: Burrp!

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