Friday, August 3, 2007

Conceptual Aura - The Logo

Finally after many days of pondering..
and it's the middle of the night..
i have come up with the logo for conceptual aura..
wondering how to include it in this page.

here's the logo..

would love to know your comments and feedback on it!
and goodnight! :)


Bryan said...

I like it. One thing I would think about is the 'busy-ness' of the background. It seems like there is a lot of stuff going on back there, and if the entire page were designed to match, it would give me a stroke.

Just a thought. Hope I didn't offend. But I do like it, and with some tweaking it could be the best around!

Experimental Mania said...

thanks so much..
ya even i felt the background was a bit too active...
but i realized..
that in the same way that the background is so busy,
the site explores many different aspects of my life..which make it busy!
no offence whatsoever, rather im glad!hmm..probably some tweaking is in order..lets see!

mesmerized said...

Nice ... but id agree with bryan the background's to busy - and im not too sure why there is red in aura> is it 2 depict aura.. Over all nice stuff,,, you should post more of your creative stuff here.

Moksh Juneja said...

Methinks, the background is too flashy.. take the background colour into the font and take the white in the background and slide it away to red like the font colour in Aura

Experimental Mania said...

@ mesmerized - i think you're right..for most of my creative stuff i use my deviantart account, much safer creative environment.

@ moksh - hey, thanks compadre, ya i've been wonderin about the green, but you know, i have this fascination with green, if u watch the video i posted, you'll get what i mean! :)