Monday, August 6, 2007

Lack and Sleep and BMM

Wow.. well i think you must have definitely heard from Priya about lack of sleep on Pownce. Well I think that is a common aspect of the lives of media personnel. As I am again facing in BMM, in my sophomore year! I think I'm gonna be dead.

Basically I was up all night working on the cover page for our media studies project on Nigeria. Once that gone done, I decided to sit and edit the content. The next time I look at the clock it's 5:30am.Crikey! I had a class at 7:30. So much for that now eh!(snooze zone 1 - messy bed!)

So well my iTunes was blaring 'We Didn't Start the Fire' and I was pleasantly snoozing on my keyboard. Soon i realised, that my face was starting to mould itself to the shape of the keys, and so decided to take a short nap on the bed. That nap ended at 9:15, when I decided to ensure that Priya would not be late for work, and then, it completely dissipated, when Rohini called, and urged me to get my ass to college, be it in my pajamas even. I mean hey..early mornin, pajamas, college...umm.. not good idea!Creepy thought! (snooze zone 2 - keyboard!)

So anyhoo, I brushed, caught a cab to college, and then was back home in the next half hour..why u ask.. well the laptop was actin up, and so we decided to work from home. If only this realization had dawned earlier.(my life!)

My ears are like shutting as I type this.

The main problem, is that when you don't sleep too well at night, you cant eat much throughout the day, as it makes you feel nauseous and queasy. So that has been my case all day. Probably the coca cola early in the AM was another reason for queasiness.

So then the afternoon, was spent in doing something completely "insane and jobless" as termed by Reema. Well I'm designing all 20-30 pages of the project in photoshop. She calls it my quest for perfection. Yawn, i think i might die. (some of my work!)

Late afternoon and evening included looking at hairy dude's snaps, courtesy Priya's ogling, and random musings with her.
Also how can I forget, snacks, was a plate of chocolate chip cookies, heated in the microwave for 20 secs, one plate of sandwiches, and cold coffee*dang forgot to click a picture of this*.

And now I'm back to p those text files. Cheers, and hope everyone gets enough sleep.


mesmerized said...

i know why u put up the pic of cookies there.... Now i want ,.. Now a full packet
or else ur sheesh kabab:P

Thanks for the mornin wake up......! Your the bets alarm clock ever

Experimental Mania said...

ya i guess im a bets and best alarm clock!
bets- u can bet on me to wake u up!

best - only i can wake u up! :P

full packet of milano.. sure no problem.. wen.. next year??
just kiddin.. will get u one..soon..wen u least expect it! :)