Sunday, August 5, 2007



cried the night away
not a soul by my side

i felt like giving up
there was no spirit inside

all that i did
seemed so futile

and all my love
seemed so sterile

i thought i knew how this world rotated
but all that rotated was the recesses of my mind

churning and turning all day long

all my words seem shallow
my feelings dead
my emotions dispensed off
like a rabid raccoon.

in every dream
and every reality
it seems distorted
the sense of real.

there is no sorrow
there is no pain
there is no happiness
there is no gain

i see not light,
nor pot of gold
all i see is myself
old and cold.

a random poem i wrote a few days ago, mind was in a thousand phases, and none too good! :)


mesmerized said...

ahah ... mister Darkness ... Lovely poem it was great.

and if yout think ur alone, please rem u have dogs who dont mind peeing on ur bed:P ( should i go into hiding now :P)

Im always there , so u can go on readin what you see on a website, thinking by default im blond- ill pretend to be eagerly listening . lol !!

Lifes all about the lows and the highs that follow.

mesmerized said...

** that was blind not blond :P