Friday, July 27, 2007

The Windows Vista and Windows XP Wrangle!

I just got my new Dell computer when i got back from UCBerkeley, earlier this month. And well, it had Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it.

I mean, after Windows XP, it's a fantastic interface, thought not yet as good as a Mac.

So anyhoo, i have been furiously protecting the integrity of my computer from insults and insinuations by Priya, and well at this point of time, i want to kill it!

I mean Vista is a great looker, and at first glimpse you would love the Aero effect, but it's all at the end of the day just PLASTIC!

The widgets are fantastic, and varied in nature but at the end of the day, they use a lot of RAM(Random Access Memory).

I'm running an AMD Athlon 3800+ 64 bit processor, and yet the PC tends to freeze.

But at times, I can delete 10 GB of data, copy 4GB of data, switch on Mozilla Firefox and Apple iTunes all at the same time, and everything runs smoothly!

(p.s i have 2 GB ram)

So anyway,
i have a lot of Windows XP applications, like
Ares and Adobe Audition 2.0, and these are softwares i need and use every single day.

And on Vista
well on vista what happens is,
Ares causes my display to go haywire!
And Audition crashes when i've finished editing like 10 minutes of a long audio file.
Just imagine how frustrating that can be.

So i realise i need Windows XP.
I have to partition my harddisk,
create sum type of partition on which i can install another operating system.
A pain.

And you know,
I am literally at the point where i would say "Bill Gates YOU SUCK!"..
and that is when i discover this thing..
it's called Microsoft Virtual PC..
so basically, you download it,
and you can run any sort of Microsoft Operating system on a Windows Vista PC, without creating any separate partition etc.
Very simple.
And i wondered...


So well now,
i have to boot from the Windows XP CD and install it. Hopefully it should work.

Cant wait to see this image again.. sigh!

But bottomline,
if you're looking for performance,i would definitely recommend a Mac, anyday, to a Windows PC.

Because Bill Gates strategy is quite simple.

Everytime he creates an operating system, which has some very visible flaws, which he then fixes in the next version, and charges a bomb for the system!

sheesh.. interesting money making concept... but cheating the people none the less!

Hitlerish Image Courtesy:
Luminous Nerd


mesmerized said...

hahahah ! And my mesmerizing powers strike again to prove to you that your overprotected computer SUCKS! .. Are you already fuming let me ad fuel to the fire. Every time you have to edit where do you go .. On my PC offcourse. LOL

Lemme know how your Virtual PC thingie worked out :P

luminousnerd said...

Hey there,
While I don't mind you using the image at all (it's not mine anyways) it would be much appreciated if you would host the Bill Gates/Nazi image on your own server. Thanks a lot!

luminousnerd said...

You have 2 more days to remove or host the Bill Gates Nazi pic, at which time I will make it a broken image.