Monday, July 30, 2007

The Lives of My Cellular Devices - My Moto

It's been an eventful 18 years. I at times feel, my life is very much like a movie. And I'm the lead actor. This preposterous notion, could probably be because, I am an actor in theatre, professionally and as a hobby.
But anyway, my life, is full of excitement, suspense, fear, comedy,romance(tends to be poofed as of now), action et all.

So what role do my cellphones play in this mega-blockbuster. Well other than connecting me to the rest of the co-actors, and strangers, they in a way become an integral part of my life. And they have all throughout the time I have had them.

Them... yes i've had more than one cellphone. Let me think now... around... 5!

And when did i get my first cellphone... that would be in May 2004, during the vacations after my 10th standard ICSE board examinations. I was exstatic. It was a Motorola V66,clamshell phone. It was Dad's previous fone. My love affair with Motorola began with that phone. It was sleek, it was stylish, and it looked cool! I mean black!WOW!

And to think Dad was almost about to give me one of those creepy Reliance phones, the white samsung ones.Yuck!

So when I got to college, I had that phone with me, and in college, well, that's when began my fascination with girls. And what a fascination that is!

Namrata was her name. She was sitting in front of me during the sociology lecture and i started talking to her. She looked cute, and well, me being me.. well i was instantly smitten. I started messaging her, and chatting, and talking and all that usual jazz. When I look back, I think, was it an infatuation, or love?

Anyhoo, she left college, went to a college in the suburbs, and so our cellular contact reduced. It became more online, and very hi-hey contact.

So then, I took part in this dramatics in college. A one act play. I guess at this point,began my tryst with stage acting, which has now been going strong for the last 2 years. This girl Aditi in the Arts division loved my acting. She said, I seemed like a true-blue romantic! And well, those who knew me then, knew that i was a sucker for compliments. And pretty face, then boy was i floored. Times have changed, compliments now, humble me.

So over my Motorola, i sent her many a flirtatious message. Professed my love. Sigh. Yes. And now, well we're just online buddies. That never really turned out to be anything.

Then there came a sad day in the life of my phone. Pizza Hut,VT. Purab, Saloni and some of our friends and me were sitting and eating at Pizza Hut. I suddenly got curious or as we call it in hindi 'keedas', to see what would happen if i put my cellphone in a glass of Coke.
And the results. Well Udit runs to loo, washes cellphone under faucet *wot i blundering fool i was!*, and then blows air into it. Then well it's time to decide the official version of what happened (this goes to parents) ... so the official version is.. Udit and Purab were walking on the road, Udit talking on his cellphone, when some of his schoolfriends passing by in a car, splashed them with water, as a result of which the cellphone got wet and conked and died.

And so, I thought i was going to be phoneless, for life! I was sad! :( My cellphone, even back then was my life. But it got fixed in a week, and it was back, but it was done for.

I remember i got it back. I was ecstatic. And then i switched it on.

I GOT A SHOCK! literally. It sparked and sent a charge threw me, and then started buzzing loudly. I somehow, removed the battery.

The Motorola V66, was done for.

It was time, for the next phone to enter my life.

And since I have a PR report to finish right now, I shall write about that, and much more in the next, romance and action filled post:

The Lives of My Cellular Devices - My Nokia

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mesmerized said...

hahahah!!! yes yes ive heard this with all the added sound effects lol .., and ive heard the comin soon Nokia phone stufff too ... People who are readin remember if you dont like udit and what 2 do wrong too him piss him off and he removes the anger on the phone and ultimately he breaks its . It use to be his PC but since hes got a new PC hes being nice to it :P