Sunday, July 15, 2007

Annoying Girl and Madness

Define an annoyance?

An annoyance can be defined as someone, who wants to act pretentious, pretend as if they know what they are doing when they dont, and yet end up messing up pretty much everything they do.

Well that was just a part of yesterday, having a bloody annoying person in my group for the fest. I'm not a PR person, and neither is this a press release so I am not going to mince my words!

The person, Reema and Priya, already know about her. This person... her name is Nikita... is a royal pain in the backside. She is never short of excuses, lazy, lethargic, daft! That is all i can say, and i beleive Reema would concur. I mean i have never had someone so irritating and irresponsible in my team.

One thing, a note to all( except for the closest of the close), is that never talk about matters in my life, such as my PC, that do not concern you. And you especially DO NOT want to debate with me about switching off my PC. My PC stays on, perennially. Period. I am not concerned about how it is contributing to global warming, or to a waste of electricity. It works when it is kept running. Simple. YOU DO NOT poke your nose about how I'm being cruel to the environment and how even AGAINST my wishes you are going to switch off the PC. I will slaughter you if you do. Priya would know about what my affinity is towards my PC. Noone comes in between. And especially someone like Nikita, if she had switched off my PC, she would have ended up at the bottom of the Arabian Sea!!

So yes, and this irritation continued all throughout yesterday. We had our PR fest, Le Carnaval, and good heavens she is a bloody daft mess.

Prioritize for christ sake. It's more important for her to watch some comedian speak( ooh wow! how much fun!) as opposed to working for the stall, of which she is a part! bloody nonsense. I know Reema wanted to throttle her at every instance. Lazy, lethargic arse!

Ohh boy...
that was the extent of frustration and annoyance, and there are more instances... but i do not beleive that anyone, could be more annoying!


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mesmerized said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy ... sum1 tried getting your computer away from you.. No wonder youve turned into a red eye monster. I pity 'N' gag may be you should post a "i love myself and my computer so f&(^ OFF OR DIE :p then just below that put your berkely horror film experience :P

I cracked up laughing at the post .. yes yes i usually do that - laugh on friends misery :P