Saturday, July 21, 2007

Promising Rookie's Crash in Nurburgring Qualifying


I was just watching the F-1 live telecast on Star Sports, of the European Grand Prix Qualifying Session. It's Q3 now and the red lights are on.

The reason is that rookie, f-1 favorite, Lewis Hamilton, was involved in a major crash.

The reason is speculated to have been tire-failure due to picking up debris.

Hamilton was on a flying lap, great times, and pursuing Felipe Massa, and the previous sector time, was faster than Massa.

The next shot, we see a McLaren in the tire-wall.

It's Lewis Hamilton. His legs are quivering. He cant get out of the car.



The replay shows, that Hamilton,at around 200 kms/hr,had a right tire failure, the Bridgestone tire deflates, and the McLaren, slides over the sand-trap, and hits the tire-wall, at approximately 140 kms/hr narrowly missing the cement barrier.

The medics arrive. Hamilton, is seated by the side of his car on the ground.

The medical van arrives.

Hamilton is ushered in on a stretcher, on saline-drip(standard procedure for shock/trauma incidents). He will be taken to the Circuit Medical Centre, which is a state of the art facility, where Hamilton will be monitored.

Ron Dennis,team boss of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, is quite nervous, and flustered, and Alonso seems worried.

Checks are conducted on the car of Fernando Alonso to locate cause of tire failure.

The reason has been confirmed by the McLaren team, to be a "not securely fastened right wheel,due to a malfunctioning wheel gun". Basically, loose wheel nut.

"No serious injuries, no broken bones, but he will be kept under observation for a while" confirms Ron Dennis.

UPDATES - 1:36am IST

Following a thorough examination at the on-track medical centre, he was flown to the Koblenz Bundeswehr Hospital where he underwent a full precautionary CT scan which proved to be entirely normal.

Lewis has no bruises and is highly motivated to race tomorrow.

As is normal, a final sign-off by the FIA Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein will take place tomorrow morning which the team believes will be positive.

If cleared to race, he will start from 10th position with the same fuel load as he started qualifying with.


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