Thursday, July 12, 2007


The aroma of italian pasta..

The freshly prepared fusion style sandwiches..

The frothy, mesmerizing cold coffee..

The luscious swiss chocolate cake,

The touch of Al's in your hair,

or a dash of nail art to complete the look,

learn all you see, and more,

the essence of the experience,

that is Faldero.

Catch us LIVE

on 14th July

9am - 6pm

at the

Kishinchand Chellaram College, Churchgate

SYBMM - PR fest

Drop by right after the orientation.

Be there.


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mesmerized said...

Nice Nice Love the logo, Fucker be original using mesmerized wherever u can ......... ! So as part of being your bestest friend .. do i get AL free ... hahahhah Kiddin!

Ill be there to take funny pic of you dressed as a chef :P

Experimental Mania said...

yes yes..
but u must be in pic wid me!
that would complete the nuttiness! :P

this is the basic for web logo..
new logo to be sent in by ms.ambarin afsar soon!