Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Pleasure Principle and the Third of July

I do not believe that i fall under the category of casanova, thought i believe that there may be times that well i just, behave like i normally wouldnt.

Sigmund Freud, as spoken about the Pleasure principle.. which consists of three parts, the Id, the Ego and the Superego.The Id is like the pleasure principle, you know all your desires and fantasies that you would love to fulfill.The Ego, unlike the conventional meaning of the term, is the regulator. It looks at ways of fulfilling or compensating the desires of the ego in socially acceptable or morally acceptable ways, which is very culture subjective.The Superego, is the conscience which pretty much condones, all that the Id wishes to do. I think this might be strongest in nerds and really saint like people!(no offence meant to nerds!)I know i definitely have a weak Superego, but my Ego, is surely the one in control most of the times... (note the usage of the term "most of the times"... so well ya... there are certain exceptions..So what happens when you get the Id overthrowing the Superego? Well you get 3rd of July.

3rd of July 2007.

What a day!

In the morning meet sometime,who i dont really fancy, get intimate with them, ya something of that sort. But yet once it's over, you're like.. what just happened... cause you know that though subconsciously you may have wanted that intimacy, it was probably at the level of lust...and that's where it should remain, in the realm of the subconscious...for when they come out into the real everyday world, rules by the ticking of the clock, you get this perhaps initial euphoria, which is replaced by utter, disgust would be a strong word, disapproval at the act that was done.And so u talk to your close friends about it and have a laugh, yet all the while thinking about what you did, and why u did so, i mean that isn't your personality, you're not a casanova.

Falling in love is no game.. I'd love to not beat around the bush...

If I love someone I'd love to tell them that i do so, but yet I do fear the consequences of my action, for fear of losing them, in whatever capacity. ( no I do not plan on killing them!).. and well so now you must be wondering what i'm jabbering about.. well you see.. it all again boils down to the 3rd of July!So on the fateful evening after the morning escapade, i ended up doing something that i admit to have fancied while i was away in Berkeley, and also during some certain other occassions. So well I happened to kiss her. The kiss was fantastic, i must again confess.But it was all very sudden. Another case of the Id, overpowering the Ego. And well, in this case i did not regret it at that point of time. Because, i felt true emotion, and a loving sense in that kiss, which I have not felt, from anyone for quite some time.

It was a unique sensation, not one of primal urges or physical intimacy, but one of a deeper emotional connect, built by a blossoming friendship.

Yes a friendship, that is what truly is the thing i treasure. The friendship, that we have built is too precious to lose, oversomething as a quarrel over, giving time or space (two of i think the main reasons for relationship's breaking)... This friendship and the person are too dear to me to lose, as i said before, and also their stance with regard to relationships is quite clear, and so i think perhaps it is apt that one acknowledge that this incident did happen, and move on. Life is too short (and considering i want to die in a plane crash..any plane crash)... to sit and ponder, about why certain things happen... they just do.. the Id, the Ego and the Superego, are not always in control.

After all,the heart knows reason, that reason knows not of.


mesmerized said...

Give Time .... too whatever you think it is feeling, lust, love, crush ... And enjoy life :)

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