Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alonso Storms To Victory, Massa sore


One stanza to explain the race:

the sun is out or so it seems
but how long before the gleam
is replaced by sliding cars
and streams of water flowing afar
where wheels collide
and tempers rise
one will emerge victorious
others will capsize
where technology shall take a backseat
and all that will be witnessed,
is a bloody brave feat!
watch out the sun hides again
and now it comes to an end.
Probably the first stanza gave you an idea of what happened really.
Rain,sliding cars, restart,promising racers facing the brunt,unlikely results. and now the report.

During the 55th lap, Fernando Alonso of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes hustled Felipe Massa of Ferrari, banged wheels, indimidated him, and then took the race lead. Escaped away into the distance, and Massa never really recovered.

Mark Webber, of Red Bull Racing, took the third place, and was visibly thrilled, because 1 turn from the finish, it seemed as if he might lose the position to Alex Wurz, of WilliamsF1.

Lewis Hamilton of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the rookie, who many thought at the start of the race, might take a victory, was sent back to the last place, and a lap down, at the restart, and could after much hard work, manage a 9th place in the race. Fantastic overtaking moves on Giancarlo Fisichella by Lewis.

Kimi Raikkonen, was in a comfortable third place, behind Fernando Alonso, when suddenly his Ferrari had a hydraulics problem and started losing speed. At the end of it, his Ferrari was seen crawling to the pits, where it was pushed away by race stewards.

Ralf Schumacher of Toyota Racing, had a run in with Nick Hiedfeld of BMW Sauber, and was at the receiving end, of a violent blow to the side pods by Nick, and ended up in the gravel, at the start of the start-finish straight.

The other retirements were, Jenson Button of Honda, Takuma Sato of Super Aguri, Adrian Sutil and Marcus Winkelhock of Spyker [who led the race for 2 laps!! didnt i tell u crazy race], Nico Rosberg of WilliamsF1, Scott Speed and Vitantonio Luizzi of Squadra Toro Rosso.

Why was Felipe Massa sore? Rather how do i know he was.. well on Star Sports, she showed the drivers in the room, before going up to the podium, and Massa confronted Alonso about his stunt, and said that he would have won had Alonso not banged wheels with him, and this is what Alonso said, "I did it in Barcelona, I did it here, and i will do it again if need me!"

I am a Kimi Raikkonen fan, but that was about the best way to tell off a sore loser!

Cheers Alonso!

So at the end of a wacky race, one of the wackiest i have ever seen, these were the results:
1. Fernando Alonso (hard fought)
2.Felipe Massa (sore loser)
3.Mark Webber (fantastic finish)

that's all from my end.

God Speed.
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