Monday, July 16, 2007

2 Large Pepsis, 1 Popcorn and Child Wizard!

I wish there could have been a worse way to spend a Sunday afternoon! But unfortunately there can be nothing worse, that watching random teens, with high pitched voices, and jarring sound effects battling evil! Yes I'm talking about the much anticipated, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Horrible would be one word to explain it. I am not a Pottermaniac, so my article may seem biased, but i've tried to remain as neutral in my stance as possible.

Well so Metro Adlabs. phew! overdose of the red and blue ( not the US, Reliance!) Then i decided i was thirsty, drank 1 large Pepsi, while waiting for the movie to start. Was there 15 mins earlier.So therefore had to buy one more Pepsi (i prefer coke, but what to do, there was need, and cola was the fulfiller!)
To eat?? Well a LARGE popcorn! mmm... tasty! So well there was my cousin. Who is i guess 5 yrs older than me, and a crazed Pottermaniac.. creepy! She refused to sit back in her seat, as the movie started... she wanted to be at the edge of her seat.. creepy again.. to add to my woes of an overenthusiastic squirrel of a cousin... i had this plump couple sitting next to me.. the guy wierd and hairy.. knew nothing about the film.. and was probably illiterate... and kept asking his equally volumnous better half, about the film.. and the other half, had a LOUD booming voice.. and went on talking throughout the moviee.. Not to forget the canoodling, the slobbery hand kissing noises..

i mean sure you kiss someone's hand.. you like the person.. and probably that leads to something more.. if there's something.. but the thing is.. you're in a damned movie hall.. it's a family movie.. keep ur hands to ur self.. also dont slobber all over the gal's hand! kiss.. but softly!

i wonder what Priya's reaction would have been to the noise and talking and slobber! coz i know she hates ne1 talking during a movie...!! literally WILL KILL THEM!

Well now back to the movie! It started with Spiderman 3, and now Harry joins the bandwagon as well! There is this phenomenon or disease, which is polluting hollywood films, and that is Bollywoodizer! You get over the top emotions, random closeups and daft villians who talk too much, and ... and... what else... eye candy!
In Spidey 3 it was Gwen Stacy, and in Harry Potter, it's Luna Lovegood... wowie! I mean sure there is Emma Watson, but in this film, Evanna Lynch, is mmm... yes yes.. this is wrong but hey...i mean what could be better than an eccentric,blonde chick with brains to match!

So ya.. you have also a very bollywood style plot... which was predictable from the start... Harry kisses Cho Chang(sum random Asian chick who he has the hots for..) and well there's this whole revolution jazz (reminiscent of the Japanese film Volcano High), so well guess what... well Cho Chang, betrays Harry and Dumbledore's Army (i mean come on for a 17 yr old wizard.. i could bloody hell come up with something more original!), and well Dolores Umbridge(the head inquisitor appointed by The Ministry of Magic ( which seemed more like a tribunal of worthless politicians!)) catches them. Wow how original.. but wait... the Bollywoodizer strikes again.. later Harry discovers, that the truth serum was used on Cho Chang to get her to spill the beans on Dumbledore's Army..tsk tsk.. Harry must hate 'imself now!

So well.. and then reminscent of indian action films and K-Serials, there appeared, there random closeup's and multiple shots of a fainting Harry. I have nothing more to say. Flabbergasted! So the books, a marketing hype, the movie, the same.
My rant ends. But yet... to close... Evanna Lynch is mmm!!!:P

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