Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Temporary Pleasures of the Scatter Brained Kind

They say growing up too soon, is a bad idea. Or growing up at all for that matter. Somewhere all the focus that you had through your younger years tends to disappear and get replaced by this kind of scatterbrained tendency to try to do ten things at once. Most of this is brought about in turn by technology, what with smart phones, tabs and multiple screens that encourage you to do a gazillion things at once.
Apparently we only use 10% of our brain. And within this 10% we try to do so much. Therein lies the problem. If only we could focus and do a couple of things and do them right. If only we weren't so distracted by the world around us and so many different cares and concerns.

This is where growing up comes into play. Every morning, before I go to bed or when I wake up these are the concerns I wake up with, ranked perhaps in order of priority or not:
1. Did I do the right thing?
2. Will she see me as a lover?
3. Will they get better?
4. Will I manage to make a sale today?
5. Will I be able to be a good boss?
6. Would that episode of Newsroom be downloaded by now?
7. Do I need a hair cut?
8. Has my driver come on time?
9. How will I save money for a trip to Europe?
10. When will I find my princess?

This should be an indication about the few of the things that keep tumbling through my head every single day.

Yes, you might call me selfish and self absorbed, but heck it is my life right? And if I don't think about me, who will.

There I go rambling off again. Musings these are dear reader, and these are perhaps long pending ones too. I haven't spoken my thoughts here for far too long. Perhaps I can change that someday soon.

Unrelated note, I started reading the original Amazing Spider man comics and needless to say I'm hooked. If you want all 640 of them, drop me a line.

Until later.

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Flirtingkaapi said...

I guess that is the problem with everyone. Also along with doing everything at a time, we also want to do and achieve everything right now!
Also, here. I have dropped a line for those amazing comics that you have raved about!