Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cup of Mocha

sitting on that chair,

the cane chair,
with a steel frame,

I pick up my cup,
of the warm mocha,
sip at it,

the warm liquid,
trickles down my throat,
i pick up the phone,

dial your number,
it rings,
and then gets cut.

You said that,
you would be meeting me,
today at four,

but you never came,
I waited,


Because I could,
because I love you,

and if I could,
I'd wait,


i pick up the cup,
and sip at it.

Image Courtesy:
coffee by ~aufgaben1

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Portrait by Iain Pears - Reinvented


The Portrait by Iain Pears is set in 1913, Henry MacAlpine, a top society-portrait painter, has abandoned his career and gone to live on a small island off the Breton coast. His former friend William Nasmyth, “the foremost critic in the land”, suddenly turns up demanding a portrait.
The story takes the form of a menacing monologue spoken by MacAlpine to Nasmyth as the picture is painted.
In this interview, rather than speaking to MacAlpine, I shall be speaking to and interviewing Nasmyth, as well in the book, he has spoken only once, on page 95.
I have crafted a tale, which picks up from where the book left off, and used incidents and occurrences in the book, to a powerful effect, in a spine-tingling climax.
And so let us begin.

I reached the gates of that majestic house, in North London. Now a shadow of its former self, it still garnered certain glances and bouts of appreciation occasionally. I entered through the metal gates, reddening with rust, moss growing freely on those white walls. A lone butler welcomed me, and asked me my concern, I replied, “ I am here to meet, one Mr. William Nasmyth.”, “And who shall I say is at the door?”, I replied albeit hesitantly, “I am a reporter from the Marlinton Daily.” He disappeared up the flight of stairs and left me, to myself, in the large hall. The place seemed rather untouched, tad dusty, and a few things were on the verge of dilapidation.

He appeared soon thereafter while I was looking at a few trophies. And in a voice that shook me out my preoccupation, said, “Mr. Nasmyth will see you now. Follow me.”

And so up those Victorian stairs I went, into a quaint little room in the west wing.

The room had a large crystal chandelier overhead, a large grandfather bed to the left, the walls had many murals and an array of portraits and paintings. Towards the right, there was a small desk, and two chairs, to the right of which were two French windows.

I went near him. “Good-day, do take a seat,” said he, and gestured towards the chair nearby.

I thanked him. I noticed now that Mr. Nasmyth, had dark glasses on, and I enquired “Sir is the glare a bit much in the room?” He seemed puzzled and then replied, “Oh no nothing of that sort, I just cannot see, I lost my eyesight. Rather hesitantly I asked, “Sir if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your eyes?”. He seemed flustered and replied, “Oh nothing. Nothing of importance. What is your business?”

“I’m a reporter with the Marlinton Daily. I have read your reviews on art over the past few years, and so decided to do a story on the greatest critic of our times.”

A bit flattered, “Why that’s brilliant, what is it you want to know?”, paused, “By the way, would you fancy some tea?”. “That would be delightful”, I replied. “Robbins, do get this gentleman a cup of English tea please,” paused, “with sugar?”, I replied “yes, 2 lumps.” I thought to myself, so the butler is called Robbins, quite interesting.

Robbins brought us the tea and I started casually talking.

“You have been an avid art critic over the past few years, but ever since the past months, you have slinked into obscurity. Any particular reason?”
He looked at me, and then looked away at the French windows to our right, and said, “Ever since, my dear wife, Evelyn, passed away, I haven’t really been the same.”

“Passed away. Natural death?”, I enquired.
“What is a natural death? Can death by illness be called a natural death? It is sort of a dilemma. They say a natural death is when you die peacefully. But when your death, is caused by an illness, is it peaceful? Would it rather not be better to die by one’s own hand, since that would be the ideal definition of a natural death.”

“So you mean to say she killed herself?”
“I would like to term it, she liberated herself from the chains of life. She broke away from these fetters that bound her to this earthly existence. A creative mind like hers, needed freedom, and this was the only way it could be sought. The ultimate freedom. A great painter like her was bound to have a great ending, and I doubt she would have wished for anything more.”

“There has been much speculation, that the suicide of your wife, was due to your repeated infidelities, with various female artists. One of them being, Jacky?”
I could not see his eyes, but sensed from his face, that probably, I had picked a sensitive bone.
“There will always be rumours. That is an occupational hazard, one that Evelyn and I, were accustomed to. She trusted me completely, and I her.
About Jacky, all that I would like to say, is that she was a delightfully talented girl, but her art was truly not up to her potential, she could do much better. I knew her. To me she was more than an acquaintance. She was Evelyn’s muse. Much of Evelyn’s work concentrated on the bonding she and Jacky shared. Look at the wall to your left. Those portraits of Jacky on the couch, and Jacky in the nude among the bushes was painted by Evelyn. So you see, there was every possibility of horrid rumours leaking out. But we are professionals, and Jacky was confident with us.
It is a pity that she died.”

“Yes I do remember reading about it. What happened exactly?”
“She was found in at the bottom of a lake, where she had to pulled out by policemen. The official report said she drowned.”

“Drowned..as in accidental or intentional?”
“That is unknown to me unfortunately. I wish I could help you, but the only information I receive is from the newspapers and the radio. She was a very sweet lady.”

“My condolences.”, I sipped at the tea. “Tell us about your friend, Henry MacAlpine, he is a famous painter also is he not? But he’s a recluse, lives on the coast of Brittany on an island I hear?”
“Yes he does. He is the kind of man, who works better alone, he cannot stand the hustling crowds of London, and prefers tranquillity and natural atmospheres.”

“We believe you went to meet him, at his home, a few months back? What was that about?”
“Well I went to meet him to get a portrait painted of myself. He is a close friend of mine… and it was only right for him to paint my portrait after all. I feel he could capture one’s portrait in the best way possible. He could bring out emotion from even a lifeless face. He was a great companion, and once upon a time my protégé. One who I have been very proud of.”

“You used the word ‘could’, why the past tense?”
“My dear friend, Henry, passed away a few weeks away. He wasn’t such a famous person in social circles, so not much was heard of him in the newspaper, or on the radio. He met with an accident on his way to the market. He fell into a stream I presume.”

“Mighty odd, that most people who know you end up with life ending injuries, wouldn’t you say. So you had been in constant touch with Mr. MacAlpine?”
“No, not really. We met after a gap of four years. We had been in and out of touch, mostly because well, I preferred the connected life here in London, and he liked the quiet life.”

“So you say that he was your protégé? They say over time styles change… what changed about his style of painting?”, I realised my error. He couldn’t see, how would he know the style of painting?, “I’m really sorry I forgot.”
“Well no there’s no need to be. I could see very well back then. I met with an accident while hunting, and that’s how I lost my eyes. It was rather clumsy of me, hence I decided not to speak about it.
About MacAlpine, his style had changed completely, from when I first knew him. Earlier he would paint according to the styles of Monet and the line theory as was taught. When I met him, he had evolved as a painter, and new exactly what to use when, and he had evolved from the teaching of Monet and other theories, by which we try to teach art."

“So you were there to get your portrait made? Being a seasoned artist, MacAlpine, must have decided some concept by which he wished to paint your portrait.”
“Well he hated Monet, I could never get him to agree that Monet was a great painter. He wanted to capture all aspects of my character. He felt that I had a plastic face, without emotion and he wanted to bring out the emotion. He wanted to paint me in different lighting circumstances. He felt that it was light not a brush that could bring out the different facets to a person’s character.”

“That’s quite interesting. MacAlpine you said was your protégé. Why did he exactly need you?”
“Well when I first took Henry under my wing, he was a runaway from a Scottish home. He’d come to England for the first time, and fancied art. But being from a non-art background, he lacked confidence, and the prowess to succeed. And so in me he found a mentor, one who was a great artist, and a great critic, an all encompassing personality you see.”

I scoffed.

“He needed me for it was only I, who could teach him the various facets of art, and expose him to this magnificent world.”

“The sun seems to be disappearing into the horizon. I really am enjoying our conversation. What would you like to drink? How about some wine? Red or White?”

“Red,” I replied.

“Robbins!”, he beckoned. “It isn’t necessary, I’ll go get it”, I said.

I walked across to the bar. The sun had set, and had set the sky ablaze with hues of oranges and pinks. Quite a sight to see. I poured two glasses of Pinot Noir and walked back to my seat.
“Here’s your drink,” saying so, I handed Mr. Nasmyth his drink.

“Thank you,” he replied.

“So tell us, why did he leave England?”
“Well that’s a long story. He was sort of not the type to take to criticism lightly. And well there was this art show of mine, that went horribly wrong and was ripped apart by critics. In the same respect, I wrote an article damning my own show, and he understood my style, and asked me about it. I told him, that my show was bad, so I wished to voice my opinion, and hence I did. This upset him, and decided to move away from this critical world.”

“Let us take a rather interesting turn at this point? Do you believe that artists can commit a murder in cold blood?”
Laughed, “Well now that remains to be seen,” takes a sip from the glass, “throughout history, never had an artist committed any murder in cold blood, but as they say, history is made, every passing day.”

“True. So where is that portrait now?”
“Well I never got down to picking it up, I mean after his death and everything. It must be at his place.”

“Truly, but haven’t you seen the portrait?”
“Well not really, you see it was his unwritten rule, that no one but him can see his portrait until it is finished. During the whole time I was there, to get…”, coughs, “sorry…yes…so the whole…umm…time I was…there…to…”

“Cannot talk anymore sir I wonder why?”, I asked sarcastically.
“What…what’s happening?”

“So the whole time you were there, he didn’t let you look at the painting.”

“You know?”

“Well yes, and I also know that, Jacky didn’t die. You killed her.”

“What? That’s preposterous.”

“Not really, I read in the papers, Jacky had to be fished out of the river, and it was then I knew that you had killed her. What did she want from you? Only 10 shillings to take care of the baby you burdened her with. That’s less than the cost of wine.

By now Nasmyth cannot move. Paralysed in his seat.

“Don’t try to move, you will not be able to. Myristicin is quite a powerful poison. Do you know that it paralyses your nervous system in minutes, and that it has no taste whatsoever.”

“Well now so where was I…yes…so you killed Jacky. If that wasn’t enough, because of you, Evelyn killed herself. You were a worthless husband. You kept having affairs with these younger artists looking for a break, and she kept trusting you blindly. You misused her trust, and you used her. One more sin for which you must seek redemption.”

“I’m sure you must be wondering now, as to who it is that I am? Well…you did survive the fall from the cliff, you are lucky, and I was the only one who saw you falling down that cliff. So now take a guess who am I?”


“Brilliant…so the eyesight loss, would be a boon for me…though I would have loved for you to see the great masterpiece that I am about to create. You see, we artists never kill in cold blood. And what is murder, but a representation of art, wherein the canvas is the human itself, and what better canvas, than a living human.
And what better canvas than you.
I know you must be wondering my brushes are for this purpose. Well I’m carry my usual thick brushes, and a few implements to initiate this masterpiece.”

“Please be so kind as to hold out your hand for me,”, taking his hand in mine, I took out my scalpel, “ You see, blood is the life-force of any living thing, and what better colour, than red”, saying which I glided the scalpel deftly across his wrist, causing the veins to rupture, and blood to squirt out and fall on the white marble floor, and trickle across it, creating, tiny rivulets of bright red blood.

“You know your face looks flushed. You never had a great face to paint a portrait on. And you never did collect your portrait. I mean if you did survive I think the least you could do would be to collect your portrait, I mean, how long would it possibly take you? I just cannot stand callousness.”

Saying which, I cut a diagonal across his cheek from this ear to his mouth.

The blood trickled down the side of his face, down his neck, and on to his spotless white shirt.

“Beautiful, smears of red, on a white, pristine. It’s like the death of an angel, or an angel maimed.”

“You know you really shouldn’t have tried to kill me. I mean, you know I wouldn’t tell anyone about your little secrets.”

“Oh I almost forgot to ask, is this causing you any pain? Because well since the poison has affected your nervous system, I think you might be numb. I wanted you to feel pain. I wanted you to feel the pain, like Jacky and Evelyn felt. Jacky, as she was pushed into the water and drowned by you, and Evelyn as she killed herself, dangling from the chandelier, by that rope.”

“I had told you that I would return to London didn’t I. Try not to bleed too much, it’ll spoil the portrait. I take your leave now. So long old friend.

The Lives of My Cellular Devices - My Moto

It's been an eventful 18 years. I at times feel, my life is very much like a movie. And I'm the lead actor. This preposterous notion, could probably be because, I am an actor in theatre, professionally and as a hobby.
But anyway, my life, is full of excitement, suspense, fear, comedy,romance(tends to be poofed as of now), action et all.

So what role do my cellphones play in this mega-blockbuster. Well other than connecting me to the rest of the co-actors, and strangers, they in a way become an integral part of my life. And they have all throughout the time I have had them.

Them... yes i've had more than one cellphone. Let me think now... around... 5!

And when did i get my first cellphone... that would be in May 2004, during the vacations after my 10th standard ICSE board examinations. I was exstatic. It was a Motorola V66,clamshell phone. It was Dad's previous fone. My love affair with Motorola began with that phone. It was sleek, it was stylish, and it looked cool! I mean black!WOW!

And to think Dad was almost about to give me one of those creepy Reliance phones, the white samsung ones.Yuck!

So when I got to college, I had that phone with me, and in college, well, that's when began my fascination with girls. And what a fascination that is!

Namrata was her name. She was sitting in front of me during the sociology lecture and i started talking to her. She looked cute, and well, me being me.. well i was instantly smitten. I started messaging her, and chatting, and talking and all that usual jazz. When I look back, I think, was it an infatuation, or love?

Anyhoo, she left college, went to a college in the suburbs, and so our cellular contact reduced. It became more online, and very hi-hey contact.

So then, I took part in this dramatics in college. A one act play. I guess at this point,began my tryst with stage acting, which has now been going strong for the last 2 years. This girl Aditi in the Arts division loved my acting. She said, I seemed like a true-blue romantic! And well, those who knew me then, knew that i was a sucker for compliments. And pretty face, then boy was i floored. Times have changed, compliments now, humble me.

So over my Motorola, i sent her many a flirtatious message. Professed my love. Sigh. Yes. And now, well we're just online buddies. That never really turned out to be anything.

Then there came a sad day in the life of my phone. Pizza Hut,VT. Purab, Saloni and some of our friends and me were sitting and eating at Pizza Hut. I suddenly got curious or as we call it in hindi 'keedas', to see what would happen if i put my cellphone in a glass of Coke.
And the results. Well Udit runs to loo, washes cellphone under faucet *wot i blundering fool i was!*, and then blows air into it. Then well it's time to decide the official version of what happened (this goes to parents) ... so the official version is.. Udit and Purab were walking on the road, Udit talking on his cellphone, when some of his schoolfriends passing by in a car, splashed them with water, as a result of which the cellphone got wet and conked and died.

And so, I thought i was going to be phoneless, for life! I was sad! :( My cellphone, even back then was my life. But it got fixed in a week, and it was back, but it was done for.

I remember i got it back. I was ecstatic. And then i switched it on.

I GOT A SHOCK! literally. It sparked and sent a charge threw me, and then started buzzing loudly. I somehow, removed the battery.

The Motorola V66, was done for.

It was time, for the next phone to enter my life.

And since I have a PR report to finish right now, I shall write about that, and much more in the next, romance and action filled post:

The Lives of My Cellular Devices - My Nokia

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Coming soon

just 200 pages to go

a critical analysis
of the final book

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'

bookmark now

and watch this space


Friday, July 27, 2007

The Windows Vista and Windows XP Wrangle!

I just got my new Dell computer when i got back from UCBerkeley, earlier this month. And well, it had Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it.

I mean, after Windows XP, it's a fantastic interface, thought not yet as good as a Mac.

So anyhoo, i have been furiously protecting the integrity of my computer from insults and insinuations by Priya, and well at this point of time, i want to kill it!

I mean Vista is a great looker, and at first glimpse you would love the Aero effect, but it's all at the end of the day just PLASTIC!

The widgets are fantastic, and varied in nature but at the end of the day, they use a lot of RAM(Random Access Memory).

I'm running an AMD Athlon 3800+ 64 bit processor, and yet the PC tends to freeze.

But at times, I can delete 10 GB of data, copy 4GB of data, switch on Mozilla Firefox and Apple iTunes all at the same time, and everything runs smoothly!

(p.s i have 2 GB ram)

So anyway,
i have a lot of Windows XP applications, like
Ares and Adobe Audition 2.0, and these are softwares i need and use every single day.

And on Vista
well on vista what happens is,
Ares causes my display to go haywire!
And Audition crashes when i've finished editing like 10 minutes of a long audio file.
Just imagine how frustrating that can be.

So i realise i need Windows XP.
I have to partition my harddisk,
create sum type of partition on which i can install another operating system.
A pain.

And you know,
I am literally at the point where i would say "Bill Gates YOU SUCK!"..
and that is when i discover this thing..
it's called Microsoft Virtual PC..
so basically, you download it,
and you can run any sort of Microsoft Operating system on a Windows Vista PC, without creating any separate partition etc.
Very simple.
And i wondered...


So well now,
i have to boot from the Windows XP CD and install it. Hopefully it should work.

Cant wait to see this image again.. sigh!

But bottomline,
if you're looking for performance,i would definitely recommend a Mac, anyday, to a Windows PC.

Because Bill Gates strategy is quite simple.

Everytime he creates an operating system, which has some very visible flaws, which he then fixes in the next version, and charges a bomb for the system!

sheesh.. interesting money making concept... but cheating the people none the less!

Hitlerish Image Courtesy:
Luminous Nerd

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alonso Storms To Victory, Massa sore


One stanza to explain the race:

the sun is out or so it seems
but how long before the gleam
is replaced by sliding cars
and streams of water flowing afar
where wheels collide
and tempers rise
one will emerge victorious
others will capsize
where technology shall take a backseat
and all that will be witnessed,
is a bloody brave feat!
watch out the sun hides again
and now it comes to an end.
Probably the first stanza gave you an idea of what happened really.
Rain,sliding cars, restart,promising racers facing the brunt,unlikely results. and now the report.

During the 55th lap, Fernando Alonso of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes hustled Felipe Massa of Ferrari, banged wheels, indimidated him, and then took the race lead. Escaped away into the distance, and Massa never really recovered.

Mark Webber, of Red Bull Racing, took the third place, and was visibly thrilled, because 1 turn from the finish, it seemed as if he might lose the position to Alex Wurz, of WilliamsF1.

Lewis Hamilton of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, the rookie, who many thought at the start of the race, might take a victory, was sent back to the last place, and a lap down, at the restart, and could after much hard work, manage a 9th place in the race. Fantastic overtaking moves on Giancarlo Fisichella by Lewis.

Kimi Raikkonen, was in a comfortable third place, behind Fernando Alonso, when suddenly his Ferrari had a hydraulics problem and started losing speed. At the end of it, his Ferrari was seen crawling to the pits, where it was pushed away by race stewards.

Ralf Schumacher of Toyota Racing, had a run in with Nick Hiedfeld of BMW Sauber, and was at the receiving end, of a violent blow to the side pods by Nick, and ended up in the gravel, at the start of the start-finish straight.

The other retirements were, Jenson Button of Honda, Takuma Sato of Super Aguri, Adrian Sutil and Marcus Winkelhock of Spyker [who led the race for 2 laps!! didnt i tell u crazy race], Nico Rosberg of WilliamsF1, Scott Speed and Vitantonio Luizzi of Squadra Toro Rosso.

Why was Felipe Massa sore? Rather how do i know he was.. well on Star Sports, she showed the drivers in the room, before going up to the podium, and Massa confronted Alonso about his stunt, and said that he would have won had Alonso not banged wheels with him, and this is what Alonso said, "I did it in Barcelona, I did it here, and i will do it again if need me!"

I am a Kimi Raikkonen fan, but that was about the best way to tell off a sore loser!

Cheers Alonso!

So at the end of a wacky race, one of the wackiest i have ever seen, these were the results:
1. Fernando Alonso (hard fought)
2.Felipe Massa (sore loser)
3.Mark Webber (fantastic finish)

that's all from my end.

God Speed.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kimi Raikkonen takes Pole at European Grand Prix Qualifying

!Kimi Raikkonen takes P1!


the European Grand Prix at Nurburgring

3/10ths of a second quicker than Fernando Alonso, who qualifies second.


Pics Courtesy:

Promising Rookie's Crash in Nurburgring Qualifying


I was just watching the F-1 live telecast on Star Sports, of the European Grand Prix Qualifying Session. It's Q3 now and the red lights are on.

The reason is that rookie, f-1 favorite, Lewis Hamilton, was involved in a major crash.

The reason is speculated to have been tire-failure due to picking up debris.

Hamilton was on a flying lap, great times, and pursuing Felipe Massa, and the previous sector time, was faster than Massa.

The next shot, we see a McLaren in the tire-wall.

It's Lewis Hamilton. His legs are quivering. He cant get out of the car.



The replay shows, that Hamilton,at around 200 kms/hr,had a right tire failure, the Bridgestone tire deflates, and the McLaren, slides over the sand-trap, and hits the tire-wall, at approximately 140 kms/hr narrowly missing the cement barrier.

The medics arrive. Hamilton, is seated by the side of his car on the ground.

The medical van arrives.

Hamilton is ushered in on a stretcher, on saline-drip(standard procedure for shock/trauma incidents). He will be taken to the Circuit Medical Centre, which is a state of the art facility, where Hamilton will be monitored.

Ron Dennis,team boss of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, is quite nervous, and flustered, and Alonso seems worried.

Checks are conducted on the car of Fernando Alonso to locate cause of tire failure.

The reason has been confirmed by the McLaren team, to be a "not securely fastened right wheel,due to a malfunctioning wheel gun". Basically, loose wheel nut.

"No serious injuries, no broken bones, but he will be kept under observation for a while" confirms Ron Dennis.

UPDATES - 1:36am IST

Following a thorough examination at the on-track medical centre, he was flown to the Koblenz Bundeswehr Hospital where he underwent a full precautionary CT scan which proved to be entirely normal.

Lewis has no bruises and is highly motivated to race tomorrow.

As is normal, a final sign-off by the FIA Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein will take place tomorrow morning which the team believes will be positive.

If cleared to race, he will start from 10th position with the same fuel load as he started qualifying with.

Courtesy: F1Complete.com

Tuesday, July 17, 2007











OR REPORT PIRACY(anonymity is ensured.. so say the cops and publishers...)!

i am not a Harry Potter fan, or addict, or maniac,
but i know many people who are..
and so..

well i'm just informing about the pros and the cons..
beyond that..
i am doing zilch!

The Video:

the best way to quit your job EVER!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

27 July 2007

no no..
this is not a prediction of the future kinda post!

it's just a reminder of the madness and mania that i am going to go through on this day!!



after 18 years...

and over 400 episodes..

and more than 23 Emmy Awards,

the Simpsons HIT CULT TV SERIES..

is coming to the silver screen!!!

i am dying to seee the movie,

as you can clearly make out from this post..


read the following:

1> I printed out my simpsons wallpapers on ironon paper( which costs 65 bucks a peice)...and then ironed that on to my white shirt..wore it to college the next day.

2> went on a mad hunt for simpsons posters all over berkeley.paid $12 for 1.

3>Bought the collectors edition simpsons monopoly board (with pewter metal tokens!), and the simpsons coffee mug from Amazon!

4>Have a simpsons widget on my PC, to tell me about the exact time till the movie releases. A countdown you see.

5>I have season 3,4,5,9 of the simpsons series. On my way to collect the rest!

6>I hunted all across Bombay, and bought the Simpsons Hit and Run game. I found the pirated version online, but refused to download it! SIMPSONS CAN NEVER BE PIRATED!!! IT MUST BE ORIGINAL!!!!

7>I stay up at night till 1am, to watch the rerun of the Simpsons episode on most days, even if i watched it during the day.

8>I cut off all contact with the world while watching the tv show, and refuse to do anything, unless i watch it!

9> Have simpsonized myself, and also my myspace page.


and it is going to rock

will be going for sure(it better be so!) with priya for the movie.. on the day it releases...

i must you see.

for the simpsons cannot be ignored..

i shall now leave you..

with this simpsonized picture of myself!

2 Large Pepsis, 1 Popcorn and Child Wizard!

I wish there could have been a worse way to spend a Sunday afternoon! But unfortunately there can be nothing worse, that watching random teens, with high pitched voices, and jarring sound effects battling evil! Yes I'm talking about the much anticipated, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Horrible would be one word to explain it. I am not a Pottermaniac, so my article may seem biased, but i've tried to remain as neutral in my stance as possible.

Well so Metro Adlabs. phew! overdose of the red and blue ( not the US, Reliance!) Then i decided i was thirsty, drank 1 large Pepsi, while waiting for the movie to start. Was there 15 mins earlier.So therefore had to buy one more Pepsi (i prefer coke, but what to do, there was need, and cola was the fulfiller!)
To eat?? Well a LARGE popcorn! mmm... tasty! So well there was my cousin. Who is i guess 5 yrs older than me, and a crazed Pottermaniac.. creepy! She refused to sit back in her seat, as the movie started... she wanted to be at the edge of her seat.. creepy again.. to add to my woes of an overenthusiastic squirrel of a cousin... i had this plump couple sitting next to me.. the guy wierd and hairy.. knew nothing about the film.. and was probably illiterate... and kept asking his equally volumnous better half, about the film.. and the other half, had a LOUD booming voice.. and went on talking throughout the moviee.. Not to forget the canoodling, the slobbery hand kissing noises..

i mean sure you kiss someone's hand.. you like the person.. and probably that leads to something more.. if there's something.. but the thing is.. you're in a damned movie hall.. it's a family movie.. keep ur hands to ur self.. also dont slobber all over the gal's hand! kiss.. but softly!

i wonder what Priya's reaction would have been to the noise and talking and slobber! coz i know she hates ne1 talking during a movie...!! literally WILL KILL THEM!

Well now back to the movie! It started with Spiderman 3, and now Harry joins the bandwagon as well! There is this phenomenon or disease, which is polluting hollywood films, and that is Bollywoodizer! You get over the top emotions, random closeups and daft villians who talk too much, and ... and... what else... eye candy!
In Spidey 3 it was Gwen Stacy, and in Harry Potter, it's Luna Lovegood... wowie! I mean sure there is Emma Watson, but in this film, Evanna Lynch, is mmm... yes yes.. this is wrong but hey...i mean what could be better than an eccentric,blonde chick with brains to match!

So ya.. you have also a very bollywood style plot... which was predictable from the start... Harry kisses Cho Chang(sum random Asian chick who he has the hots for..) and well there's this whole revolution jazz (reminiscent of the Japanese film Volcano High), so well guess what... well Cho Chang, betrays Harry and Dumbledore's Army (i mean come on for a 17 yr old wizard.. i could bloody hell come up with something more original!), and well Dolores Umbridge(the head inquisitor appointed by The Ministry of Magic ( which seemed more like a tribunal of worthless politicians!)) catches them. Wow how original.. but wait... the Bollywoodizer strikes again.. later Harry discovers, that the truth serum was used on Cho Chang to get her to spill the beans on Dumbledore's Army..tsk tsk.. Harry must hate 'imself now!

So well.. and then reminscent of indian action films and K-Serials, there appeared, there random closeup's and multiple shots of a fainting Harry. I have nothing more to say. Flabbergasted! So the books, a marketing hype, the movie, the same.
My rant ends. But yet... to close... Evanna Lynch is mmm!!!:P

Le Carnaval and pics

The fest was quite fantastic

Le Carnaval
Kishinchand Chellaram
14th July
had a blast..
a greaattt time!


A - The Faldero Stall during setup!

B- Malvika, Veerali and Aditi at their mod squad stall

C- The funky kickass Bohemia! (L-R) Hufriya, Tanya, Zeenat, Rohini and Rashi

D- Priya... after getting hair extensions from Al's at Faldero! Blueeee!!

E- Priya and Me at Faldero stall!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Annoying Girl and Madness

Define an annoyance?

An annoyance can be defined as someone, who wants to act pretentious, pretend as if they know what they are doing when they dont, and yet end up messing up pretty much everything they do.

Well that was just a part of yesterday, having a bloody annoying person in my group for the fest. I'm not a PR person, and neither is this a press release so I am not going to mince my words!

The person, Reema and Priya, already know about her. This person... her name is Nikita... is a royal pain in the backside. She is never short of excuses, lazy, lethargic, daft! That is all i can say, and i beleive Reema would concur. I mean i have never had someone so irritating and irresponsible in my team.

One thing, a note to all( except for the closest of the close), is that never talk about matters in my life, such as my PC, that do not concern you. And you especially DO NOT want to debate with me about switching off my PC. My PC stays on, perennially. Period. I am not concerned about how it is contributing to global warming, or to a waste of electricity. It works when it is kept running. Simple. YOU DO NOT poke your nose about how I'm being cruel to the environment and how even AGAINST my wishes you are going to switch off the PC. I will slaughter you if you do. Priya would know about what my affinity is towards my PC. Noone comes in between. And especially someone like Nikita, if she had switched off my PC, she would have ended up at the bottom of the Arabian Sea!!

So yes, and this irritation continued all throughout yesterday. We had our PR fest, Le Carnaval, and good heavens she is a bloody daft mess.

Prioritize for christ sake. It's more important for her to watch some comedian speak( ooh wow! how much fun!) as opposed to working for the stall, of which she is a part! bloody nonsense. I know Reema wanted to throttle her at every instance. Lazy, lethargic arse!

Ohh boy...
that was the extent of frustration and annoyance, and there are more instances... but i do not beleive that anyone, could be more annoying!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

I rarely write from the heart and maybe there's are reason...

Of all the times i have written from the heart, barring a few remote circumstances, i have found, that even the presumably most pristine peices, have been, ignored or unacknowledged.
And what the odd thing is that at that point of time, the unacknowledgement, doesnt hurt as much of the thought of it at some later time.

I am an emotional writer. I try to stay, media-neutral, as my career, demands of me, but when i write, i write purely what i can, else i shall not write. And perhaps this is a reason, why i ought not to take journalism. I can never write about maybe a rape, or an accident, or a politically sensitive matter, without giving either my opinions or charging the article.

But yet, that is not the crux of the matter.

The crux is that if i write matters from the heart, i tend to get very emotional. And this is the reason, that when the final product, is just dismissed as any other thing.. that it hurts.

I am in a crabby, sentimental strange mood now. I'm hungry, but i dont want to eat. I feel tad lonely. My cousin chews my fucking brain. I smashed my cell fone.

Long day.

50 cold coffees. I dont want to see another cold coffee for a while. And i'm definitely not making it.

Priya came to Faldero( whatever the fuck that is), our stall today.

It was nice to see, and it was a break from the usual faces, that i was seeing throughout the day.

But i'm just flustered now.

I oughta be happy. But am not. Some fuckall reason.

I would love to blog about it, but it's a matter of the heart, and tad sensitive. And forget it..

A little thing to explain my mood

every little thing seems blue
i dont understand
how this world revolves

where one is accepted
and another dissolves

where what seems right
could as well be wrong

where words of wisdom
seem like an age old song


words that cloud my mind
crystal clear nothing is
tears down my cheek
you will not see
but tearing me inside
as if like an abyss
is the emptiness
but all you will see
is a million dollar smile
and the flash of a bulb
that is my life.


i usually never crib
but the time has come

i'm sorry for loving
loving more than i ever could

sorry for feeling
on top of the world

im sorry
for pain that i may have caused through my stupidity

i'm sorry for it all.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The aroma of italian pasta..

The freshly prepared fusion style sandwiches..

The frothy, mesmerizing cold coffee..

The luscious swiss chocolate cake,

The touch of Al's in your hair,

or a dash of nail art to complete the look,

learn all you see, and more,

the essence of the experience,

that is Faldero.

Catch us LIVE

on 14th July

9am - 6pm

at the

Kishinchand Chellaram College, Churchgate

SYBMM - PR fest

Drop by right after the orientation.

Be there.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


so after 6 months of having long hair,
the 70's hairstyle,
Jim Morrison revisited....

it's a new look,
as of 7th July 2007...

a look attained at Allure...
place opened 6 months ago..
decent as u can see from the pics..

so now let me take you through the timeline...

Pic A: Getting the hair lathered up before cutting. Notice the shocked, wide-eyed expression.. that's coz... of the horror!

Pic B: Falling asleep and getting bored... at the prospect of getting my hair washed again (this would be my second wash of the day..out of 3)

Pic C: Yes it's been chopped or combed.. not too sure... (ooh chick behind looks hot!:P)

Pic D: Moi accomplice... Purab Mehta.. bored as hell... no female voice for company :P

Pic E: Ooh.. funky hair, wet mafia look (going by Set Wet ads [no this is not a PLUG])

Pic F: ---NEWS FLASH---The Nation is Under Attack from Giant Mushrooms... in other news.. Paris Hilton stripped and ran naked on the streets of Hyderabad.. why.. no one knows...

Pic G: Looking for male, 6ft, 56kilos, great stomach , audition for major chick flick of the year, as creepy villian who sniffs girls hair (bears no resemblance to any character in Charlie's Angels)

Pic H : AAAAHH!!!!! hairy creepy monster... the thing strikes!




and people from class...
(alisha hated it)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

iPhone - Dying for it!

Like most of the world around me,
i too am dying for the iPhone,
but being part of the so called 'The Third World',
the iPhone comes to us, in India and Asia,
in the first quarter of 2008,

I am left,
to sit and wait,
for the iPhone,
watch videos about it's magnificence!

The Apple iPhone!!
Courtesy: YouTube

Nuclear Explosion and Funky Song







Courtesy: YouTube
User: buttonsoft123

The Pleasure Principle and the Third of July

I do not believe that i fall under the category of casanova, thought i believe that there may be times that well i just, behave like i normally wouldnt.

Sigmund Freud, as spoken about the Pleasure principle.. which consists of three parts, the Id, the Ego and the Superego.The Id is like the pleasure principle, you know all your desires and fantasies that you would love to fulfill.The Ego, unlike the conventional meaning of the term, is the regulator. It looks at ways of fulfilling or compensating the desires of the ego in socially acceptable or morally acceptable ways, which is very culture subjective.The Superego, is the conscience which pretty much condones, all that the Id wishes to do. I think this might be strongest in nerds and really saint like people!(no offence meant to nerds!)I know i definitely have a weak Superego, but my Ego, is surely the one in control most of the times... (note the usage of the term "most of the times"... so well ya... there are certain exceptions..So what happens when you get the Id overthrowing the Superego? Well you get 3rd of July.

3rd of July 2007.

What a day!

In the morning meet sometime,who i dont really fancy, get intimate with them, ya something of that sort. But yet once it's over, you're like.. what just happened... cause you know that though subconsciously you may have wanted that intimacy, it was probably at the level of lust...and that's where it should remain, in the realm of the subconscious...for when they come out into the real everyday world, rules by the ticking of the clock, you get this perhaps initial euphoria, which is replaced by utter, disgust would be a strong word, disapproval at the act that was done.And so u talk to your close friends about it and have a laugh, yet all the while thinking about what you did, and why u did so, i mean that isn't your personality, you're not a casanova.

Falling in love is no game.. I'd love to not beat around the bush...

If I love someone I'd love to tell them that i do so, but yet I do fear the consequences of my action, for fear of losing them, in whatever capacity. ( no I do not plan on killing them!).. and well so now you must be wondering what i'm jabbering about.. well you see.. it all again boils down to the 3rd of July!So on the fateful evening after the morning escapade, i ended up doing something that i admit to have fancied while i was away in Berkeley, and also during some certain other occassions. So well I happened to kiss her. The kiss was fantastic, i must again confess.But it was all very sudden. Another case of the Id, overpowering the Ego. And well, in this case i did not regret it at that point of time. Because, i felt true emotion, and a loving sense in that kiss, which I have not felt, from anyone for quite some time.

It was a unique sensation, not one of primal urges or physical intimacy, but one of a deeper emotional connect, built by a blossoming friendship.

Yes a friendship, that is what truly is the thing i treasure. The friendship, that we have built is too precious to lose, oversomething as a quarrel over, giving time or space (two of i think the main reasons for relationship's breaking)... This friendship and the person are too dear to me to lose, as i said before, and also their stance with regard to relationships is quite clear, and so i think perhaps it is apt that one acknowledge that this incident did happen, and move on. Life is too short (and considering i want to die in a plane crash..any plane crash)... to sit and ponder, about why certain things happen... they just do.. the Id, the Ego and the Superego, are not always in control.

After all,the heart knows reason, that reason knows not of.