Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back where I love...

I'm back at my favourite place. I'm writing again. The same aromas, the same people. Familiar faces, so many stories.

Some are studying, some reading, others gazing dreamily into eyes. There's so much happening here and yet so much is unsaid.

I order my usual, a rich coffee shake and a chicken tikka sandwich. Its summertime, so i cant get my mandatory drink, the extra hot, lavazza cappucino. Heaven.

I watch this couple sitting across the room. They've been coming here for the last 2 years. They used to work in the same company. Now theyre married. Many stories happen here.

There's these two gals sitting ahead, they're talking about copywriting, and advertising fundamentals, and exams et all...wow...i just gave my bmm exams, and I miss it already. BMM...i would come here during the exams, my finals, and study for around 8-9 hours... Just me, my books and this place.

I dont come here often with people...people I know that is...intrusion of space...not like I dont bump into people I know here tho :P that keeps happening...here and on the walkway of colaba.

I've heard deals being sealed, i've seen hearts broken, i've seen people share drinks with a straw for two.

I've been harassed by a drunk, threatened even, kept my calm, and told him to buzz off.

Some people look at me quizzically. My friends wonder how I come here always. Sitting by the window, or amidst people. I sit and observe. It's funny perhaps, creepy to some maybe, but I couldn't care less.

I remember this one time, i almost convinced myself to come work here. As a barista...serving coffee...an excuse to spend as much time as I wanted in this place! :D

Welcome to my favourite place in the world Barista colaba.