Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lost Blogs and Lost Feet....Sensing.

It is most important, to sense a loss.

We ask a few prominent persons *according to us* what their understanding of lost feet is:

Eminent Psychologist, Dr.Reema:
In this case,lost feet, may account for a loss in sense of direction in the individual's subconscious. It is more prominent in individuals suffering for amnesia or those who have faced a majorly traumatic incident in their lives. Usually this lost feet syndrome, LFS, as we call it, is very rare, but is occuring in a number of trauma victims this year. We are still analysing the reasons for the same.

Now LFS, is very different from NFS. NFS is a psychological case in which the subject has an unhealthy desire to accelerate in a mechanical device."

Eminent PR Spokeswoman, Ms.Priya:
"Truly lost feet, is the very essence of the individual, as it is the way that he projects himself that matters. Through the lost feet, he is able to effectively reach out to you, and convey his message. Also you need to go to goa, for it is truly Go Goa, and no i'm not plugging it, i really love the place."

Promising F-1 Racer, Ms.Malvika:
"See lost feet, basically means loss in judgement, it means that you cant brake properly, and you keep getting stuck at signals, like this friend of mine. YOU need to know how to brake, then you dont have lost feet."

Ex-NASCAR Champion, Ramji:
"यू सी थिस व्होले थिंग अबाउट लोस्त फ़ीट, इस इन थे व्रोंग प्लेस कोम्प्लेतेल्य वहत वी नीद इस थे दिर्त्य जोकेस ऎंड दिर्त्य डबल मेअनिंग्स इन एवेर्य वर्ड वन सय्स, ON RITE!"

So based on all these different opinions, what conclusion do we come to.

Yet nothing.

Room for yet another sequel,
with a nail biting finish!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lost Blogs and Lost Feet..Lost(The Sequel)

So what we saw last time,
was then there is a blog bug..
which may bite and maim you.

and we also saw that my blogs had been...

so now we move into the new space of..
Lost Feet.

What are lost feet really?

Are they are a physical deformity,
or a mental instability?

Or i am just making a mountain out of a mole hill?

If you answered yes to question one...
i shall say,
that you need to check in to the nearest mental asylum.

If you answered yes to question two,
you need to be rewarded.

I am just wasting your time and making you read a ton of rubbish.

But now,
is where sense will kick in..

not in this half story.

In the third sequel..
*sort of like the Spiderman sequels isn't it!*

Lost Blogs and Lost feet..

Well my blogs..
seem to have decided to get themselves lost from my account..
the controversial..
Mind Food

and the chilled, relaxed, carefree,
Crystal Chrysalis.


but what's lost is not just the blogs,
but the need to blog..

there's this thing,
called the blog bug..
once it bites you..
you have to keep blogging and blogging about everything and everything..
even minute(pr. mai-nute) mundane bullshit..

i've been through that experience...
it's like a disease!
*thankfully, m over it now*
*or so i hope*

so what's lost.
my feet.

my feet are lost.

to be continued in a spine chilling second half.