Sunday, March 31, 2013

All About My Mother

No this is not about the Pedro Almodovar film although I do highly recommend watching that film for the brilliant performances.

No, this post is about the strongest woman, I have ever known who has shaped me into whatever I am today, not professionally but as an individual.

Its never easy being a mother. Whether as a housewife or as a working lady. Your child always hankers for your love, affection, care and looks to you for guidance and support. Be it a girl child or boy child.

In the midst of raising a child, if you can find your true calling - if you can challenge convention, if you can rise against the tide and carve your own niche while at the same time ensuring that your child never feels your absence then you have truly succeeded at life!

Mothers today will conform to the fact that it is so imperative in this changing dynamic World to provide a voice, a sort of guidance to your child. And to mange that and foster a career in the arts alongside, is to me, phenomenal.

But this post is not about her achievements, which if I got into I'd probably full my whole page! This post is about her spirit. About her conviction and belief that is truly a mantra that I wish more people could live by.

Perhaps her words are straight out of the Bhagavad Gita - I'm not aware of the Sanskrit version but I believe it reads something like this - do your duty to your fullest without wondering what fruits you will earn.

Be it her debut film, her first music album, her first book of poetry or ask her various endeavors she has dine it out of her love for the medium, nor for? financial gain. This may sound cliched, but in a house where husband and son are in marketing - it's quite a tussle I tell you! We're the one saying make money from art & she is simply content making art and sharing it. She calls it enlightening the world.

Live without fear. Failure is not your enemy, but your friend. Walk hand in hand with fear & failure and you will find greater success than mere mortals can imagine.

All about my mother, Shomshuklla.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Everyday needs this

Let the music fill your ears,
let your world surround you,
let life stand still,
and soar.

If you had to dream,
if you had to find a reason,
let this be it.

Hold the moment,
Dont stop tapping your feet,
move to the beat.

Life is one big party,
all you need is a partner,

Pick up that bag,
dont wait for tomorrow,

Dont stop to count the notes,
but stop to count the smiles,

The world is sunshine, rainbows and gumdrops,
if anyone tells you otherwise,
give them your glasses.