Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Enrique & Avril -A/V Mashup

This is a video i made today on Pinnacle Studio Plus.
I just bought it today..
and need to use it to edit a documentary for my project.
what better experiment, than a music video
so it's an Enrique love song "Hero" (yes girls swoon)
and the kickass chick song, Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"
So guys n gals get ready to rock to the crazy sounds of Avril,
with the sensuous images of Jennifer Love Hewitt(drool men!) and Enrique(for the chicks)
comment if you like! :P

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Formula One Turkish Grand Prix - Live Updates

The Formula One Turkish Grand Prix Qualifying has begun.
This is the third time the F-1 Grand Prix is being held in Turkey.

16:32PM - Takuma Sato, is the first of the runners to start his Q1 Session Qualifying Lap.

16:34PM - Sato aborts his lap. Yamamoto and Sutil spin at the same corner.
- Sebastian Vettel is on his qualfying lap.
- Alex Wurz gets provisional pole. 1:28:550

16:35PM - Rosberg on his qualifying lap.
- Schumacher takes 2nd, demoted by Rosberg

16:37PM - The order presently:
Rosberg, Kovaleinen, Coulthard, Wurz, Trulli, Fisichella, Button, Webber

16:40PM- Kimi Raikonnen takes provincial pole (1:27:294), followed by Hamilton.

16:41PM- Alonso demotes Hamilton to take 2nd.

3mins remain of Q1 Qualifying.

16:43PM- Cars headed back to the pits, Fisichella heads back out for another lap.
The order presently:

Q1 Session is officially over, only cars on track now times will count.

16:45 PM - Davidson, takes 8th..superb stuff.


-------A Break Now.. phew-----------

Q2 Begins, but no cars on track yet.
Track Temp is ^ - 52'C

16:54PM - Alex Wurz is the first man out.

16:56PM - Wurz takes provisional pole.
- Webber and Davidson are out on track.

16:58PM - Trulli, Coulthard,Webber, Rosberg.. the order till now.

17:00PM -Raikonnen takes pro pole(1:26:902), Hamilton out on track as well.
- Raikonnen,Hamilton,Massa the top 3 now, and Alonso is on his warmup.

17:02PM - P1 for Alonso till now, and Kubica, takes 5th fastest.

3 Mins more in Q2 Session.

17:09 - Davidson gets into the top 10 in 8th, but gets bumped out by Trulli and Fisichella.
The order at the end of Q2:
Alonso, Raikonnen, Hamilton, Massa and the rest.
-----------A BREAK AGAIN-----------

Q3 Starts.

17:15PM- Raikonnen leads the cars out to start Q3.

17:20PM -Raikonnen sets the fastest lap(1:28:501), followed by Hamilton.

17:23PM - The order presently: Raikonnen,Hamilton,Heidfeld,Massa, Kubica, Alonso, Kovaleinen, Trulli, Rosberg, Fisichella.

17:27PM - Kimi takes pole by .95 of a second, followed by Hamilton, Massa takes the pole by .0026 of a second, Alonso goes 3rd.

Last 3 Mins of Qualifying in Q3

17:31PM - Massa takes pole in Qualifying. Hamilton 2nd, Raikonnen 3rd, Alonso 4th.

The order at the end of Q3 is:

Massa, Hamilton, Raikonnen, Alonso, Kubica ,Heidfeld, Kovaleinen,Rosberg, Trulli and Fisichella.

So the order on track is:
Ferrari, McLaren,Ferrari, Mclaren, BMW&BMW,Renault,Williams,Toyota,Renault.

So that's all for today.. catch you tomorrow at 5:30PM.

25th August 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Silky Kumar Whooda = Agency Threat

So I’m right about it all the while, The Axe deodorant ad = Silky Kumar … and my validation for the same comes from the agency it self. Keep reading.

I'm writing to you from the ad agency responsible for the Silky Kumar video.

We've read your blog and would like to congratulate you on figuring out that this is an Axe ad.

However there is a significant twist still to come in the Silky story which will be revealed shortly.

We deleted your comment (and please note, we did not choose to block you from commenting again) because we felt that as you were privy to inside information, yourwas not a natural one.

We are happy to tell you the whole inside story of Silky, and to have you blog about it but would like to ask you nicelyot to keep posting comments saying 'it's an Axe ad' at this stage. Say whatever you want about Silky but please don't spoil all our hard work for us!

I hope this is ok for you, please let me know your thoughts - we're always interested in talking to people who find our work interesting.



He asked for my thoughts and here they are …..

We've read your blog and would like to congratulate you on figuring out that this is an Axe ad. THEY OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T DO A GOOD JOB!!!

We deleted your comment (and please note, we did not choose to block you from commenting again) because we felt that as you were privy to inside information, your was not a natural one.DID HE JUST SAY PLEASE NOTe WE DIDN’T BLOCK IT …

I say go ahead block it, but just for your notice, there are other mediums there how many do you plan on blocking. About inside information, you can grill everyone in you team, their friends, family, relatives and you would conclude it’s not anyone there. Cant you live with the fact that there is someone out there who is Smart, and beat you to your game. If you cant bad luck.

We are happy to tell you the whole inside story of Silky, and to have you blog about it but would like to ask you nicely to keep posting comments saying 'it's an Axe ad' at this stage. Say whatever you want about Silky but please don't spoil all our hard work for us!

Please note he SAYS WE WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU NICELY – That’s the sort of line I would use as a threat “ im telling you nicely now or else ill raise my hand sorts” Don’t you think.

If you wish to use Social Media “unnamed Agency” 1st Understand, cause when you don’t understand it, this is what happens, you land up replying which sounds more like a threat, and then you get your target audience – ME offended. And then I make this even more Viral, and then you try and block it.

Social Media is simply, for the people by the people of the people. It is the height of freedom of expression. If you don’t understand that, then there is no use in delving in social media.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Silky Kumar - whooda?

Indian Advertising has been taking an interesting turn of late.
Teaser campaigns, be it TVC's or print , are gaining acceptance among advertisers.
First it was the Sunsilk Campaign, which had this music video playing on MTV called, "Friday Night Fever", made you think it was an actual song, by a new artiste or something.

Then in a week or two's time, they followed it up with launching this range of four new shampoos from Sunsilk.
Sunsilk is an offering from Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL), which is one of the major players in the FMCG sector in India.
I just realized while writing this post, that another product from the HUL stable is Axe, which is sold abroad as the brand Lynx, a product from Unilever.

What do I have to do with Axe?
Well for the past month or so, there's this new music videos doing the rounds of MTV in India.
Which video and who's the star?
The song is called, "Scent of Desire". Sounds like a Beyonce or latin pop sensation number doesn't it.
Well it isn't. It's a purely Indian song! The singer is none other than (brace yourselves people),
And here is Silky, in his brand new single, "Scent of Desire".

Well I was as well. I mean, well the song was catchy, and it seemed crazyass and wierd, but still, if MTV is showing it, then must be some singer.
But I'm in the media sphere,and my primary interests are advertising, so I decided to do a bit of googling, on Mr.Silky Kumar.
I found a blog on RealTravel by Shans, who was one of the foreign gals in the video, and there, well I learnt the truth, that this was a promo video for a new Axe Deodorant.
I also did some searching on AgencyFAQ's, and found that HUL, was planning something similar to the Sunsilk campaign, for the Axe Deo, but as usual there wasn't much there about it.

The funny thing is, on YouTube, the comments section, most of the comments are by someone who joined like a week back, and all different id's yes, but all saying, that either they know Silky Kumar, or that they are soo in lovvvee with him..

I did a bit more snooping, and found communities and users on Facebook and Orkut.
I agree I made communities to promote my blogs and stuff on these sites, but that was blog, but I must agree, it's basically the industry realizing that there is a huge influence of social networking and word of mouth on the visibility of a brand. In general the internet, as a visual medium, plays a huge role!

Go for it HUL and Axe, hope I didn't burst your bubble! :P
Videos Courtesy: YouTube

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bus 108,Privatization and Reminiscing

After grabbing a cup of watered down cold coffee with Reema, at Churchgate station, i decided to walk with my packet of random,"fresh" popcorn to Crossiants, across the subway. The subway is in interesting place by the way. People hawking their wares, from undergarments, to little tennis bats, that kill mosquitoes or some sort of insect, never understood how they work! (IMAGE: ME IN THE BUS!!)

So I grab a nice sandwich at Croissants, and remembered about the other day, how I was sitting there with Ambarin the other day, and spotted this pretty gal at the table opposite us, who kept looking my way and randomly smirking.odd... anyhoo, well yes, I did try to get her number, used the ol' "i have a project, would you like to be a part of it" jazz... didn't work...Ambarin had suggested that I say I'm an artist, and I wanted to paint a picture of her, but that just sounded cheesy..coz A) I'm no artist and B) I CAN'T PAINT IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!. She'd end up looking like a stick insect with an oversized head!

Anyhoo, after the sandwich, I walk past this sign which says, "BUY ORIGINAL TRANSFORMERS TOYS ONLY FROM FUNSKOOL"... I ran to the store..rummaged through the toys... they sucked.. dissapointed.. I pondered, about asking dad to get me some from the US. I just saw the movie recently, and though I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, I liked the movie, I was a transformers fan, at one point in my childhood, dont quite remember when though!
So then after that short stint of eating and reminiscing at Croissants, I walked to Marine Drive,all the while talking on the phone. Priya called, all her random train jewellery shopping stories and plans for the day. Stood about on Marine Drive, the sea lashing below me, and then I suddenly spotted the 108.
I thought, "Hmm.. should I take the bus or should I take the cab??"
Decided to run and catch the bus instead.
It was like I was entering a shrine or something. I mean I cant remember when I last took the bus back from college. Well the seats for usual, the conductor had changed, I remembered there being an older man, but anyhoo.
Bus was mostly empty, some teenagers, listening to their iPod's and girls talking on their cellphones. A connected world yes, but nonetheless, distanced!(IMAGE: VIEW FROM BUS WINDOW..THE BEACH AND THE SEA!)
I decided to make the most of my bus journey, looked out, saw the sea(yup I saw the sea!), looked at people walking on the promenade, looked at the flashy cars whizzing by.
Then started looking around the bus. Saw the conductor, his usual brown khadi uniform. The bus, well, red, and everything looked pretty much the same. There was the usual allocation of seats for women and for disabled persons.

As my eyes glanced across the bus, I noticed something I hadnt seen before.
A public phone?? In a bus??
I walked upto it, and look at it befuddled!! Many people, stared at me as though I were some alien. I looked at it again. "HUTCH PCO". Well i'll be a monkey's uncle! It was an actual public phone, in a bus. Wow! Who needs a cell phone?
I went and sat back in my seat. I looked at the conductor again, and pondered.
Is privatization a boon or a bane?
I mean our BEST(Bombay Electricity,Supply and Transport System) is government run and stuff, and there have been many talks about privatizing the sector. But in a sense, when you privatise, since everything is based on rules and regulations, and following norms, you get a very artificial atmosphere. The true emotions are those which are visible in any government run setting. Be it happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, whatever, it's all crystal clear. Privatization sort of veils these very essences of humanness in us. After all it is the image of the corporation that matters, and everything must be moderated. So in a sense, is government control good?(IMAGE:THE SCHOOLKIDS TRYING TO CROSS THE ROAD..sigh..memories)

On this question, I got off the bus, and diagonally bolted across the road.Saw these kids on the other side, still waiting to cross.Reminded me of when I used to get off the school bus, and see adults crossing the road. Strange feeling.

So these plethora of thoughts plaguing my mind, I walked on home, as usual, deep in thought, and this time, sweating profusely.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Fantastic song and Video - Kabira by Agnee

Well i heard these songs on MTV this afternoon, and thought of googling the band, coz i loved the music and the videos.

I found out that Agnee is a young(1 yr old or so) Indi-Rock band, a collective of three individual styles of composing and performing. The members are Arijit,Koko and Mohan. Read up about them on their website

The songs move in genre from Folk-Rock and Pop-Rock to straight up Pop, and incorporate elements of Funk, Jazz and Carnatic music as well.

These are two of the tracks by them i love:

1. Kabira

2.Sadho Re

Let me know how you like the songs and videos

Videos Courtesy: YouTube

Friday, August 17, 2007

Paradise Isle

Body Copy: Zeenat Nagree

Ad Design: Uditvanu Das

Images Courtesy: Deviantart

Ripples No More

the soft ripples spread across my surface,
the rays of the sun,

clear and pristine.

the feet,
those feet.
immersed in me,
blood coursing through their veins.
looking for answers,
questions of long ago,
questions of epiphanies.

the human nature,
the human mind thinks,
feelings sweep through,
the blood,
ceases to flow.
a light sensation,
an understanding.

ripples, no more.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

karma works in myriad ways

According to me,karma is a very fluid concept.
why do i say so?
Well karma,means the acts you commit. Be it good or bad. That is karma. But then how can you define karma in today's existence.

Good karma. Throughout the ages, good karma has been considered to be helping others, or doing good onto others, such as the Bible says, "Do onto others, and you would wish to be done onto you".
Truth or satya, is the cornerstone of good karma. Are the means of attaining or acquiring truth questionable? Or can any form by which truth is attained, even if it means to stoop to levels that may be considered bad karma, be accepted as "for the greater good".
If you have to kill someone, or threaten them,to find out the truth in their actions, is that good karma?

Bad karma. A widely debated concept. All your sins,talking ill of others, and your wrongdoings would fall into this category.Lies,deceit,violence. The very essence of bad karma. In today's world, bad karma could range from lying to your girlfriends, or random fibbing and flattery.
Distortion of the truth. For whatever reason. Be it to preserve someone's feelings, or be it, because your afraid of telling the truth, or just for your selfish reasons.

I can talk about good and bad karma because I know that I have engaged in both and I am willing to also accept that I pay for my bad karma, and relish my good.

I have hurt people by my words, I have hurt people who have loved me in ways that I do not think I could possibly be forgiven for. I have broken people's trust, and belief in me, and I accept it.
I accept that, and I know I pay a price for it. I hurt a lover's sentiments, and I pay the price for it with my relationships. To scorn love, is to scorn the very essence of humanity. And by scorning a love which was dear to me, I have been scorned, by those I have loved, and I have been humiliated, but I accept it with open hands. For I know, that when you do a wrong onto others, it does come back onto you.

Love is a very volatile concept. In love all seems rosy,but out of it the world seems bitter. But if you've been scorned, rather than blaming yourself, or your lover for the pain you have been caused, do one thing. Accept.

Accept that you have done some wrong according to the Divine Court of Justice,for which you are paying the price, but remember this as well, that the person, who has hurt you, has attained bad karma, and the vicious circle of right and wrong will continue, and they too will one day,face divine justice.

An end of a relationship, is not the end of the world, it's the start of a new beginning.
Image Courtesy:
good karma

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rings of Smoke

You may call me a drug addict.

What happened to me, from a first time drug user to a drug addict?

What happened along the way?

What caused me to drift away?

Was this my purpose or was I confused?

I know probably at the start of the story you’ve already stereotyped me as one of those who is detached from society antisocial and self-involved. I will not try to influence your perception of me in any way but request you to just read through my story. It at the start seems like any run of the mill story but all I can say is that in such a position I could have done no better.

My father died while I was only 13yrs old. Mum was an emotional wreck. The trauma of his death affected her deeply and it was something she could not get over. She started hallucinating and imagining certain scenarios that were not present. Dad believed in trust funds and life insurance and left us quite a tidy sum which enabled us to live the way we were. Mum had a master’s degree in economics so she took to teaching at a local college. Though at times she did hallucinate in class, she would stare at a student or off into the distance as if in a trance.

In school I felt the absence of dad whether be it during any functions or any discussions even. Dad to me was more of as friend than a father. He had directed and guided my life for those 13 yrs and made me the 1st class student that I was. It was difficult. My classmates mocked me. They made fun of me for not having a father. I would come back home, move quietly into my room, sit on the floor and weep. Later on, when I’d leave the room for dinner I couldn’t look into mum’s eyes I could not see a broken woman there. It was really difficult. Mum would have her hallucinations at home too, I tried calming her down but would soon realise that she would calm down on her own.

Life went on. I had to drop out of school. I went to Manipal to study hotel management. While at Manipal, without the guidance of mum, I did not know what was right and what was wrong. It was then that one of my hostel mates introduced me to Charas. It was a unique combination of herbs, plants from the hills and nicotine. I experienced my first high. Charas made me forget any worldly cares, any issues, any problems. I felt for once, free. I felt like I could fly away like in my dreams. But I was not dreaming.

I finished my two years at Manipal a first time drug user to a daily addict. I used to steal and bully other hostel mates into giving me their money so I could but more from the local drug pedlar. I took a train back to Mumbai. Back to the city of dreams.

I started working at a local three star hotel. About two to three months after my work there had commenced, mum passed away. I was now twenty with no one by my side.

My closest relation left was my uncle. I thought that he would support me in this time of need but instead he chose to come into my room at nights and take advantage of me. When I’d tell my aunt about these incidents she’d turn a deaf ear and accuse me of maligning “a great man”. I wanted to get away. I continued to work at hotels for about a year or so but then, I decided to switch my career and move to the high flying bollywood makeup industry.

I needed a mentor and found one in Ronnie Walia. Ronnie was like a father to me. After my own father, he came next. He taught me everything about the make up industry but at times I hated him. He had brought me back into the world of drugs, alcohol, illness and relationships that I wanted to stay out of.

As they say, there is nothing as a free lunch. You have to give to get in return. In this case, I had to sleep with him. I soon branched out into the make up industry on my own but I could no longer love a woman. I treated them now more as goddesses than the someone any man could love. But my life was far too messed up for me to comprehend. I had no direction. I had no real friends. All my partners wanted only physical relations. I had no emotional respite and hence turned to drugs to take me out of this hellhole.

I began smoking cannabis, weed, I took crystal meths and heroin. Most of my money was spent on cigarettes and drugs. I didn’t know when to stop. I needed direction. I couldn’t check into rehab as I was still making my mark in the make up industry and it was hard to get by with what I earned. So, the addiction, same sex relationships and unprotected sex continued. I approached psychiatric counsel but it was of no help.

I was given medication but with increasing stresses and tensions and mounting insecurities in relationships the drug intake increased. Sometimes, if drugs were unavailable, I’d try to achieve the temporary high by sniffing white ink in desperation.

I tried to get away. I tried yoga. I tried everything I could but with no avail. Its been many years now and still haven’t gotten off the addiction. My life has taken a stable turn but the addiction refuses to cease. I need help.

This is a fictional tale, written by me about a guy suffering from drug addiction.
Image Courtesy:
.requiem for a dream.

10 Minutes

these last ten minutes
life ticks by
the winds whistles past my ear
i see your face
glistening in the moonlight
these last ten minutes

the cars on the road below
roll on
the man sits
and sells his wares
a little boy
licks an icecream
i look at your hands
these last ten minutes

your dark silhoutte
standing before me
is it the last thing i'll see
the light flickers above my head
i see your faint smile
your lips parting like
the petals of a rose
i close my eyes
the minutes have passed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Falling in Love- An Epiphany

"You think you’re in love
Like it’s a real sure thing
But every time you fall
You get your ass in a sling
You used to be strong
But now it’s ooh baby please
’cause falling in love is so hard on the knees"
~Falling in Love, Aerosmith

I dont think that teenage crazy love could be defined in any better way, than the above stanza from Aerosmith's famous song.
I was just listening to the song, and reminiscing. And maybe I had an epiphany(to quote Innuit woman in The Simpsons, "realization of a divine truth!")
But this epiphany I have had many times in the past.
I fall in love, so easily, and then think that maybe she's the one for me, and then maybe I do something wrong, or I don't do anything wrong and well things end.
(No no I'm not sobbing and crying bitterly at this stage, I'm just contemplating, my close friends will know I do that a lot!)

I look back at my relationships, and wonder to myself, each of them, had been at the start of it, this euphoric experience, a feeling on being on 999th heaven, and this continues, and I do a lot of crazy things for the person I'm in love with, but then at the end of it, I either get BORED when there's no reciprocation from the other end, or just I get negative vibes, which in short say back off.

But that euphoric experience, the initial high,like jumping from an airplane, or the first swig of a chilled beer, is definitely worth it. Yet, what happens at the end of it. Well falling in love is hard on the knees.

But is it not that you need to know that you can get hurt, realization and not denial, which is the ultimate truth, the ultimate strength, and yet the ultimate weakness.

But a weakness, can be "transmorgified"(Calvin & Hobbes), into something, that is more a strength than a weakness, and that's what I think falling in love, helps you do.
Think about it unless you fall in love,you dont experience the euphoria, and you dont experience the 999th heaven.

So what if you fall and get hurt. You'll fall in love again.

It's the human heart.

"soft fingers,
tracing my lips,
her warm breath,
on my neck.

the laughters,
the jokes,
the moments,
her eyes,

i look at her,
emotion wells through me,
and yet,

the sea,
lashes away at the shore,

waves now,
flow no more,
eyes shut."
Image Courtesy:
Eyes Sea by *emaghrabi

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lost Camera, Prof Yelled At

"Ma'am you have a PhD, and is it not that when you write a thesis, it must be based on accurate facts and figures. If that is the case, then why did you make such a loose statement!"

The weekend is almost over, it's Sunday already. It's been a lazy sorta weekend. But with the project submission bearing down me on Monday, well, I'm surprisingly relaxed. :P
Just woke up a while back.. haven't been blogging for a few days...don't really know why...too many things have been happening.
Just ate some pancakes and drank some cold coffee, yumm!

First my digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A550, got stolen from my bag, in class. I mean that's the height of kleptomania. I got fired at by my parents for obvious reasons. But I will leave no stone unturned, in catching the culprit, because I know that he/she is in our class.

Yesterday was a interesting day.
Well first, I actually landed up for the Culture Studies lecture, which would be just my third time in that class. So anyhoo, this prof,Archana Mishra, decides to give us a Pop Quiz. I mean what, are we in the second grade!! So well, she started writing the questions on the board. I immediately had three issues:
  • Her handwriting was terrible
  • I didn't know what to write
  • She seemed to have religious bias in her questions
So well, point 1 and 2 couldn't be helped. I mean what was I to do, couldn't tell her that her handwriting sucks, that would be downright rude!

But point 3, well around 10 people in class felt the same thing, that her questions had a religious bias, as she only asked questions about a certain religion, though the class was culture studies.
So I stood up, and made my opinion heard, that we felt that her questions were religiously biased, and asked her to discuss about global cultures as well.


She points at me, and tells someone else in class, "These people are so ethnocentric..."
I was like, mothafucking hell, what I'm ethnocentric because I want to discuss global cultures.

She was going to be at the receiving end.

Now the first line of the blog was the first thing I said, I shall quote the rest as I said it:

"Also, I think the dictionary says, that ethnocentric, is someone who thinks that one's culture is superior and other cultures are lesser, so unless the definition has changed, I don't really think, I'm ethnocentric!"
"We're in a culture studies and we should be studying all cultures, not just one culture, I think that's why I've taken this class!"
"That's my point of view, and the point of view of around 10 people in this class, so now do as you please, I've said what I had to!"

She was dumbfounded! Oh ya! That felt super!

Then in the evening I went to watch a theatrical performance at Prithvi Theatre in Juhu with my parents! A play by Dinesh Thakur, called Mitr, about an old man's quest to find a friendship. Hilarious play.Good fun.It was a satire in a sense.

So anyhoo, after that at my behest, we met up with my dad's friend's at Lotus Cafe,J.W. Marriot. Good chatting up with them, and randomness.

(No drinking for me, after the Polaris post-celebration fiasco!)

So then that was, that, a crazy week,losing my camera, giving a prof,a earful of words she'll never forget. Fantastico!

Location Details:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

LOL and Random

You know of late, I've been using the word randomly in every sentence i say. Either randomly, or just u know, any form of the word random, such as random,randomness,randomly etcetera... u get the picture! The funny thing is I didn't even realise it.

So anyhoo, i was talking to my friend Reema over the phone, and we were just "randomly" chatting about stuff, and then we were talking about me writing poetry. So I was like, ya I write poems either when I'm in love, or I'm hurt. So basically, I was like I take "random" sheets of printer paper, pick up any "random" pen, and just "randomly" pen down some lines. You SEE! She burst out laffing, she was like, I know random for every other thing.."oh you just randomly kissed a girl back then, and you randomly were dating someone!". Yes, I mean seriously this whole over usage of word in all sentences I say can get creepy.

But the thing is, every other month, I get hooked on to a new word, which i just keep on, repeating, at every other place.

When I first got into BMM, it was "Basically". Basically this, and basically that. I wouldn't stop. I remember they used to mock me in class, going like, "So Basically,"... yup! That was that phase..

Then I've used words like D'oh, Doi,all that jazz,anyhoo(lately, for i have no clue what reason)..
and then there's the most horrible word!

LOL! Lol or Laugh out Loud, is a term used during electronic chats or conversations, via email or instant messengers. NOT TO BE USED IN REAL LIFE!

And this also forms one of the phases of word usage I've been in. Malvika, would get soo pissed off with me. She'd probably tell me a joke online and I'd type 'ha ha'.. and if she told me something funny in real life, maybe in person or on the fone, I'd mutter, 'LOL'. She'd say, "Dude u fucking idiot! You laugh in real life, and say LOL online.. not the other way around!!'..
good heavens, how much i must have frustrated her with my LOLing.

Now to come to the crux of it.
What is random? If you've read Priya's post on it, you might have a fair idea.

But maybe random is not what you say without filteration alone. It is something, that you look for in someone, who you do not know, it's a craving for this different sensation, which makes the person in a sense alien to you, so that you can have the enjoyment of discovering them. This alien sense is lost once you have discovered about the person, and the randomness, tends to dissapear, and then you think the person, has become very, predictable.

But randomness, is an inherent quality in a few people, and being random is not just words or sentences that seem different.

Randomness is a persona. It is not something that you could possibly search for, but one that presents itself to you. If you ask for randomness, it will disappear. It is the very essence of a person, who is able to create a different aura around himself at different moments of his life. There is this trait, which defines them from others,which is of being not only able to talk without filters, but also through his words, create a sense of belonging, while at the same time staying distant. That my dear friends is random.

So I use random a lot, but am I random.
Perhaps I am, perhaps I am not. But I'm not here to judge myself or others, so I ask you, are you random?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family Guy Revisited

You know, after like ages today, I was watching Family Guy Videos on YouTube.

Hilarious.. but some of them are so damned daft!

Especially Peter, oh good heavens, how can somebody be so idiotic!

So well here are a few videos of Family Guy that were funny(genuinely):

1.Stewie Craves Spanking! (wierd yes..)

2.Family Guy Steals from the Simpsons! D'oh!

3.Brian wants Gwen Stefani Dead

Maybe I'll put up more stuff soon.. but for now this is it! Happy Reminiscing!
Waiting for the return of the show!

Five Twenty AM

Yessiree, that is the time presently.
And I've had it upto my life's worth, which Adobe Photoshop CS2. 35 pages of a word document, recreated in photoshop are no laughing matter.

So my tryst with sleep deprivation continues for one more night.

And my iTunes keeps on belting out the songs. I've kept the party shuffle, so pretty decent stuff finds it's way through. But my fav song has got to be Thunderstruck by AC/DC and Paradise City by GnR.

Well so as usual i decided to click some pictures to keep you updated:

1. What's running on my PC?
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Mozilla Firefox - Pownce , GMail

2. Printing out the pages, that must be page 6 out of 35.

3. That's the final.. all pages thingy.. plus the new cover i made... will put that up below by itself.

4. That's me, frustrated, and only 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours. PISSED OFF AS HELL!


cheers and i think i'm gonna crash now! cheers!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Lack and Sleep and BMM

Wow.. well i think you must have definitely heard from Priya about lack of sleep on Pownce. Well I think that is a common aspect of the lives of media personnel. As I am again facing in BMM, in my sophomore year! I think I'm gonna be dead.

Basically I was up all night working on the cover page for our media studies project on Nigeria. Once that gone done, I decided to sit and edit the content. The next time I look at the clock it's 5:30am.Crikey! I had a class at 7:30. So much for that now eh!(snooze zone 1 - messy bed!)

So well my iTunes was blaring 'We Didn't Start the Fire' and I was pleasantly snoozing on my keyboard. Soon i realised, that my face was starting to mould itself to the shape of the keys, and so decided to take a short nap on the bed. That nap ended at 9:15, when I decided to ensure that Priya would not be late for work, and then, it completely dissipated, when Rohini called, and urged me to get my ass to college, be it in my pajamas even. I mean hey..early mornin, pajamas, college...umm.. not good idea!Creepy thought! (snooze zone 2 - keyboard!)

So anyhoo, I brushed, caught a cab to college, and then was back home in the next half hour..why u ask.. well the laptop was actin up, and so we decided to work from home. If only this realization had dawned earlier.(my life!)

My ears are like shutting as I type this.

The main problem, is that when you don't sleep too well at night, you cant eat much throughout the day, as it makes you feel nauseous and queasy. So that has been my case all day. Probably the coca cola early in the AM was another reason for queasiness.

So then the afternoon, was spent in doing something completely "insane and jobless" as termed by Reema. Well I'm designing all 20-30 pages of the project in photoshop. She calls it my quest for perfection. Yawn, i think i might die. (some of my work!)

Late afternoon and evening included looking at hairy dude's snaps, courtesy Priya's ogling, and random musings with her.
Also how can I forget, snacks, was a plate of chocolate chip cookies, heated in the microwave for 20 secs, one plate of sandwiches, and cold coffee*dang forgot to click a picture of this*.

And now I'm back to p those text files. Cheers, and hope everyone gets enough sleep.

Sunday, August 5, 2007



cried the night away
not a soul by my side

i felt like giving up
there was no spirit inside

all that i did
seemed so futile

and all my love
seemed so sterile

i thought i knew how this world rotated
but all that rotated was the recesses of my mind

churning and turning all day long

all my words seem shallow
my feelings dead
my emotions dispensed off
like a rabid raccoon.

in every dream
and every reality
it seems distorted
the sense of real.

there is no sorrow
there is no pain
there is no happiness
there is no gain

i see not light,
nor pot of gold
all i see is myself
old and cold.

a random poem i wrote a few days ago, mind was in a thousand phases, and none too good! :)

The UMM Dilemma

What is the 'UMM' factor?

Do you remember times when you really want to say something to someone, and all you end up saying is UMM...
Maybe you want to confess, about something absolutely wrong that you have done, but all you can come up with is UMM..

Imagine this, you love someone, and theyre sitting right next to you, but you fear telling them you love them, because you dont want to lose them, as a friend, maybe they wont be there for too long, maybe you wont have their presence by your side, and you don't want to spoil things. You love the person so much so, that you fear telling them you love them, because maybe their behaviour towards you might change, or you might feel awkward around them. Whatever the reason be, the final product is the UMM Factor.

Or how about this, your blood brother, has been in a relationship for 4 years, and sure he's been having trouble with his fiance, but now with the emergence of a new woman in his life, he seems smitten and wants to end the four year relationship. You understand his predicament, but you can quite understand as to how he managed to stay in the relationship for so long anyhoo, and it seems to you as if, that you know, it's only because of this new lady, that he is willing to end the relationship.
Do you ask him about it, or do you keep mum?

What do you do then? Do you bottle your emotions in yourself, and hope that the feelings pass. Or do you just blurt out what you want to say, and hope for the best. What if you can't really risk it? What if there's too much riding on your words, would you risk it?

But then, is it sensible to keep the feelings within you?

I was even confused as to whether or not i should put this post up or not, but this blog is one of the ways, by which I can let out these pent up emotions.

Probably the person reading it knows what it's about, and I can say nothing more.
But this, that I am very glad that I said what I had to, and trust me, by keeping your feelings and thoughts bottled inside, it just totally messes with your mind, and all you end up doing is feeling horrible and thinking the whole world around you is crumbling like a giant chocolate chip cookie.

So hear me out, say what you have to, dont think about the consequences. I will call it, the words you say, Random, and random is what you say without filtering, and that is the pure truth, and you will be respected for your Randomness.

Trust me, it's a great feeling. Because then, you aren't lying to yourself. And you sleep well at night.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Rains,Spilling Popcorn,Faulty Projector and the Simpsons Movie

What a day!

First it takes me 45 minutes to get from home to college, where on every other day it would have taken me like, 7 minutes. The roads were clogged with traffic, and water logging everywhere. Even on my road, which is right next to the sea. Creepy!

So I go to college, attend the Creative Writing lecture. Good fun.Wrote two stories about body language of persons, 1 was in a lift, and the other.. well body language of my dog, when it is agitated. I wrote that in first person. Good fun!

After college, met up with Purab and crew at Mocha's for a cuppa coffee, and randomness, listened in on a few people's conversations about advertising(yes itz bad manners, but i cant block out speech!), and there was some photoshoot on at mocha's. The model looked hot! :P

Got home, faffed for a while, then decided to record a video using my webcam. Was talking to my friend Ambarin on the telephone, while recording the video. Spent the next two hours editing the video, and prepping it to load on YouTube. All during this while, my food kept getting cold.

4:50pm, left home, to go fill some fuel in the car, and pick up Priya. It was the Simpson's Movie day!! woohoo!! So we got to Sterling, and there where quite a throng of people outside..all for the simpson's movie! It is a majorly hyped kickass movie afterall!
So well, Priya and me decided to sit in the lobby, and realized that it was like Antarctica in there! So we stood near the popcorn machine (warm u see!)...and well Priya as usual decided to check out phirang(hindi slang for foreigner) dudes.. well this is a d'oh moment.. phirang dude turned out to be an indian gora! heheh!!

I have said this in the past and will say this again, Sterling Cineplex, gives me a damned Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once you see the picture you will know what I mean. Well Priya clicked some pics of us with her cell, and as soon as she gets free I'll get the pics from her!

Well then we got popcorn, and then thanks to my stupidity..yes my stupidity.. I dropped the popcorn on my seat, the whole thing, even before the movie started! D'oh!

So the movie.. was a laugh-a-minute-ride sort of film, and filled with many titbits of the show(the Fox ads in-film..heheh, the 'To Be Continued' screen)... it was great fun, but somehow, like the Simpson's episodes from season 9 onwards, the plot is very wayward, and can get cliched at times. But none the less, it's a film I would watch again, I mean it's been 17 years in the making! :P

They have a completely incompetent bunch of technicians in the projector room! During the interval, they went on a chai break, and left the projector running. So well these songs were playing during the interval,and then suddenly the movie starts playing, and we see homer's lips move but we hear this wierd 90's boy band pop song.. ppl started yelling, and we all joined in yelling the choicest abuses in Hindi and English!

Then we were supposed to get a Subway sandwich, but the crowds were too much to handle, and even the sight of a phirang, could not tempt her to wait in line!

So anyhow, we went and grabbed a pack of horribly greasy fries from McDonald's, which made me queasy.

And then we left, I headed home, and here I am, uploaded the video I recorded and edited this afternoon a while back, and then after eating a SUPREMELY SPICY dinner(in record time), I decided to write another post, one which I have written but unsure about putting up, and then I wrote this post.

So ya.. that's about my day.

Quite fascinating, primarily because of the The Simpsons Movie accompanied with meeting Priya.

Goodness redefined!

Location Details: Burrp!

Boredom and Stupidity

Random musings and ramblings of a teenage Experimental Mania mind!

comments and feedback appreciated!

Conceptual Aura - The Logo

Finally after many days of pondering..
and it's the middle of the night..
i have come up with the logo for conceptual aura..
wondering how to include it in this page.

here's the logo..

would love to know your comments and feedback on it!
and goodnight! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


rain overhead,
trickles down my shoulders,
down my face,
merging with few tears,
who would know the difference.

walking in the rain,
not a care in the world,
maybe a time,
to stand and stare,
to wonder about,
what could be,
or what is?

the patter of rain,
the pearlescent drops,
washing away,
every pain,
every sorrow,
every grain,
and yet,
it all returns,

and then i see her,
hear her,
feel her by my side,
like the rain that washed me,
she is the clarity,
and yet,
she is not there.

Image Courtesy:
Hard Rain