Thursday, October 4, 2007

Viral Videos- Get Infected!

Indian media, has not really been one that has been overtly open to using non-traditional forms of advertising.
They stick to the tried and tested mediums, be it television, radio or the grand daddy of them all, print.

But at the end of the day, in 2007, television costs are astronomical, and show no signs of abating, radio reaches out the masses,and is in a sense cost effective, but limited, as it's all about the sound, no visual.

And in this world of moving pictures, video iPods,Zune's and LCD's it's all about the visual baby!
Print, well it has the visual, powerful definitely, but it's static.

Image Courtesy: AdsOfTheWorld

So how do you get a form of media, which is powerful,has good reach,and is visual... not to forget cost effective!

Here's where viral videos come in.

For */*FREE*/* hosting you have many providers:
et all.

Video Length : ranges from 10 mins... to well as long as you can tape it...

Reach: Every person, who logs in to the site. Which for major players like YouTube and Metacafe is in the millions...

For our advertising project recently we used a viral video to spread buzz about our product:

Indian media has been apprehensive about UGC
But today, I was pleasantly surprised...
I received this email in my inbox from agencyfaqs!

How’s life? Hope all is cool. I was browsing through some random crap on Youtube when I found this message. I think it is the same guy who tried to hack into the TV station. Looks like they got him finally.

Check it out.
so i did...
the video is called 'Hacker's Last Message'

So well.. it was an ad, for NeoSports online portal.
Neosports is a sports channel in India launched by Nimbus Communications Ltd in 2006. Basically it's a cricket only channel, for all the cricket lovers in India. But for low visibility reasons, very few people know about it.

Based on what you saw in the video, and the fact that there is a synergy between traditional and new media, could we say, that Indian advertising is finally opening up?

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