Monday, October 1, 2007

Photowalk At Marine Drive

Priya: Wanna go photowalking today?
Udit: Sure.
Priya: What place?
Udit:Dunno temme..
Priya: Marine Drive
Udit:Sound's great. 4:15 then.see you there.

That's all that was said, and I was on my way to my first official PHOTOWALK with Priya!

It was great fun...climbing down onto the breakers...tryin our hand at porfolios worthy of fashion magazines, and landscape shots, that might even find their way into the next travel magazine.

Marine Drive - a famous water front of Bombay(Mumbai)

Nariman Point - best place to watch the sunset, lover's spot(they're all over the place),point where the land meets the sea. Beautiful

4:30pm - and the photowalking started.. from random shadow shots, to actual shots incorporating the sea, the rocks and civilization. Lots of shots taken. A few of them are here.
check out this shot of priya.. i think it's uber(umber!:P) cool!

So that's that.

7pm -We grabbed some Thums Up, Coke, Dahi Vada @ Sahakari Bhandar.. i glugged mine in 10 secs i think... then took a cab and headed home.. updating ze blog...

Probably next week we go to Fort, which is sort of a historic district in Bombay.

Till then, cheers from the photowalkers!

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mesmerized said...

Nce slide show , you have to show me how you to get the slide thing!

Next week cant wait for fort ... I love that place!