Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Answer

I asked her,
do you really
love me?

She looked down at her hands,
those ,
delicate ,
graceful ,

Lifting them up,
like the sunflower,
turns to face the sun,
she placed it on my hand.

Held my fingers,
played with them,
like a baby plays with the father’s.

I looked up at her face,
of care,
of a deep intense feeling.

Her beautiful lips,
like the petals of a rose,
as they parted into a smile.

Her eyelids fluttered like
free butterflies,
in the morning sun.

She looked up at me,
I got my answer.

I found it after ages here. Wrote this long back, when I was in this constant platonic stupor of a crazy love, where there was no age, and there was no protocol.


mesmerized said...

You love struck Baboon .

Go study PR n Culture studies!

Thanks for the Bash it was super super fun!

Experimental Mania said...

it's an age old poem..
but love-struck is a commonality wid moi..
yes it's study time!
5 days to the exams!!!

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