Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Pre-Exam Party!

8th October - Mom makes plan to go to pune. Time : 8pm
8th October - I call up Malvika and Reema, say : A V to the A party tomoro! What say! Time: 8:05pm
8th October - Malvika & Reema: Ya ! BABY YA!!!! Time: 8:05pm and 30 secs!

That's how long it took to plan the pre-exam bash on the 9th of October.

Why party when exams are just around the bend?
  • To study with a renewed vigour.
  • To get a break from the din of books.
  • Just for fun. (No reason really)

I watched a Simpsons episode once:
When truth is obscured, and there is no black or white, but finer shades of grey, they is just one thing to do, HOUSE PARTY!!!!!

With us it wasnt the truth at stake, but our studies.. which by the way, are still to be completed.

First I will create a Freudian snip of what yesterday was:

Now the explanation:
The party which was to begin at 11, began at 2.
Malvika: LATE (well fashionably dahling)
Reema: LATE (sleepyhead, internet addict)
Priya: LATE (quite a commonplace now!)

Surprise entrees (who added even more life to the party):
Tanima: works (office work!) at parties
Neha: refused to overdose on the tobasco!

What we did:
  • Well loads of V to the A!
  • Monopoly with modified rules!
  • A random game, whose name Priya knows.. she is officially, the GameMaster!
  • Danced like insane idiots (yes I did my usual ass shake, and crazy dancing, need to locate the videos and will put them up!)

Now the creme de la creme!
Malvika and Yours Truly, the bumfight of the century.
Weapons: Hands and Feet
Rules: None! (yes kicks and blows landing in every possible place! :P)

Highlights: I became a horsie, my hand got tangled in malvika's hair, snake dance to appease the evil one!
  • Sprained neck (almost)
  • Bruises on my arm which look like i got raped by wolves
  • Malvika bruised and maimed by a wooden horse.
  • Neha's foot crushed by Malvika.
  • Reema leg scratched.
  • Priya kicked on head by Reeema (hilarious!)
  • Broken glass

In a sense a total barbaric laugh riot! Definitely fun, and totally random and crazy, that's just how we are!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the video!

Looking forward to the next party on the 20th or 21st of this month! woozaaa!!!!



mesmerized said...

Late is okie man - I had word you non studying Bhiccad!

The pre exam bash was a crazy party -
got to saw the violent - hair grabbing, jumping, kicking biting side of you. Your a freaking aboriginal Nomad, mad man. that is the true Vanu :P

Cant wait for the 20th! ANd i already have a game in Mind Get ready to down some V to the A and stock a gallon of B to the W thats the Game Maters Fee!

mesmerized said...

Oppps i meant Masters ***

Experimental Mania said...

eep...typos and grammar mistakes abound...
some bicchad(thats the way it's spelt) needs to get down to some reading!

ooh more games more fun..
more insanity(presumably)..
probably u'll be even more in the midst of it the next time around..

p.s neanderthal is prehistoric, not nomad! :P