Monday, October 1, 2007

Making a Zooomr Account

Usually when you make accounts on websites.. the sign in process is like sooo dull!

You just enter in your first name, last name and username,password etc.
Very one sided and dull!

Before i continue on about zooomr, let me introduce it.. basically it's a digital photo sharing website.. with unlimited hosting, and presently it's in beta stage... but anyone can sign in...

I just made my account on zooomr and this is what i saw..
really different and amusing i must say!

it actually challenged me to untick it and so i did..
and this was the response! :P

well so ya..that's my zooomr sign in procedure... quite fun...

the zooomr main page..called the ZipLine... reminds me of a twitter/pownce melange...and a wee bit of flickr!

if you wanna sign up for an account click here.

to check out my photos click here.

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