Monday, September 24, 2007

Mumbai Tiffin - The New Dabbawalas

Before you get worried, and wonder what the hell happened to the dabbawalas, well nothing really.
Dabbawalas was the topic for our Advertising Project and listed below are the things I designed for the same.

So basically, we said that the dabbawalas were bought over by a fictional company FoodCorp(a division of NewsCorp), which was a major player in the packaged retail food sector in India.
So basically, they take over the dabbawalas, and well, then, they rename is "Mumbai Tiffin".

Then they need an ad agency to inform the public about the change.
That's where we, Solvent Solutions, comes into the picture.

This is the logo we designed for them.

So we decided on a 360' Campaign:
1> Online Media
2>Outdoor Media

1> We posted a video on YouTube, which was supposed to be a viral, called "Fastest Lunch Packing" to build buzz about dabbas and dabbawalas

2> We launch the hoarding campaign shown below.

3> We then launch 3 radio jingles - 2 are teasers, and one is the final revealer

4> We then have our print campaign.

5> And last but not the least our TVC.
(text might be blurred, it's as follows:
1> double shot scene: German Engineering
2> Train shot: Japanese Technology
3> Dabba packing shot : Indian Precision
4> Last shot before logo: Features about product)

Would love to hear your feedback on the whole campaign. Positive or Negative whatever it is... get commenting!


Moksh Juneja said...

This is like a whole multimedia campaign running to popularise the dabbawallas!!!

Experimental Mania said...

i forgot to include the microsite..
and the dabbawala blog!

mesmerized said...

You rock !

I love everything about your project. As initially said the 1st video could have had cleaner cuts but i know the conditions you worked under !!!

You rock!

Experimental Mania said...

thank you sooo much!!!

yes yes, the resistance to the viral video was much..and so well..i think for the video being shot in 10 mins and put online in the next 7, considering i edited on moviemaker, it's decent..cud have been better tho for sure...

thangoo again! :bows: