Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Kiss the ground beneath your feet,
its moving under you,
it may pull itself,
from under you,
unleashing the savage.

The twisted homes,
the wooden pillars,
crushing a woman,
baby in womb,
the silent cries.

The dog,
alone in the home,
fire eating away flesh,
a silent death.

A school,
a flash flood,
little souls,
swept away,

Kiss the ground,
when it moves,
it kills,


Goutam said...

I really appreciate your writings.
The last para is touching -

Kiss the ground
when it moves
it kills

mesmerized said...

That was simply beautiful!

I was dumb struck after reading it ...

It explains the emotions is such a subtle way!

Amitabh said...

This is good poetry....what moves must eventually die and/or kill.

Amitabh said...

I have copied it at my blog (with all credits due, but without any dues :-)), hope that is ok, if not let me know, it shall go off.....


Experimental Mania said...

@ goutam - thanks so much, i remember writing this during a natural disaster that occured in india, cant remember which one at present.

@ mesmerized - thangoo soo much!seriously?? umm... thanku.. *humbled*

@amitabh - no worries... i read the post..all cool! it's really nice to know that you liked the poem so much so that you published it on your blog... cheers.. and thanks again.