Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bad and The Good

No this is not about a sequel to the good,the bad and the ugly. Though now is the time for sequels, considering RGV just made his Aag (remake of Sholay), and Pritish Nandy has said that he will be making the remake, the prequel, sequel and an animated version of Sholay. Overdose I tell you.

So anyhoo, I was just about to go for shower, and wanted the nail clippers, and dad was like, what must you cut your nails at night... i was like what? why? and he's like it's a bad omen. My reaction...right...and the moon is made of cheese. It's funny how even the most rational people, can still be god fearing and superstitious. I was surprised for sure.

Indian cultures, and not just Indian, but also other cultures, have many superstitions linked within. I dont understand why, probably it's just about the fact, that human's like to beleive in an other realm, in which, if certain things occur in our world, they somehow co-link the worlds and bad things happen.


1.Dont walk under a ladder.. bad luck.
2. Black cat crosses your path... bad luck. (i've noticed, my chauffeur, actually takes the car in reverse and then drives forward if a black cat crosses his path.
3.Mirror breaking... seven years bad luck...phew! These and many more..
I would actually lose count if i started to list them.

Now lets drift from the bad, and move to the good.
First a video.

I shall not go into detail about Ganesh Chaturthi and shall leave it to Priya to explain.

Basically, I wanted to capture, sights and frenzies of the whole festival, and that's what the video is about.

And today, well there was a whole frenzy about the I cricketers returning from a successful ICC World Cricket T20 campaign, the videos of which will be put up here soon.

Also ALL MY PROJECTS ARE OVER! woohoo! Finally..

So I guess that's all..and till next time.


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mesmerized said...

Hey !!

I like the video, though it would have been great if it was a wee bit more simple

Also ..... I love the shots of the huge ganapti immersion.. You were lucky to have such a great view of the whole fiasco