Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost Blogs and Lost Feet...The Return

We spoke to eminent personalities from a various fields the last time around..
and seems that everyone has something to say..
but nothing fills this void

Now what is the void?
Well i would love to tell you the dictionary definition but i would have to cite my sources.
which i shall.
So therefore, void, may be defined as "an emptyness" according to Princeton University.

But this void.

can a mere definition explain it..
or is there something quite more sinister to this void.

is it just an emptyness..
or something..
that cannot be filled, by mere human efforts,
and requires superhuman strength.

is it like popcorn,
in a bag in the microwave,
there is that empty spot in the bag,
where the heat does not reach,
and thus u get unpopped kernels.

but is this about lack of heat,
or a lack of sugar?

Not a lack of sugar,that would be Cheeni Kum, but this is more like, Zindagi Kum.

bcoz this void,
this loss,
of a blog,
or of the feet.

but wait,
realization has dawned upon me..

the relationship between lost blogs and lost feet is finally clear.

the answer seems palatable.

So finally,
maybe it is that this sequel might come to an end.

but no.

not yet,
not in this sequel that's for sure.

stay tuned, for a spine chilling, bone crunching, nerve racking,
final episode,
to end the 5 part series,
the series you all love and revisit.
"Lost Blogs and Lost Feet".

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mesmerized said...

go kill ur slef ,,,,
thts the void