Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dream Thoughts and Dream Images

Sigmund Freud has said in his book, "The Interpretation of Dreams" that dreams are wish fulfillments, and in "Beyond the Pleasure Principle", he has spoken of them being divided into dreams thoughts and dreams images
Dream images, are disguised material from the unconscious,
Dream thoughts, are repressed wishes and desires.

Seem's complex eh?

Well i want to understand, that if it is so, then what are they disguised as. So what is the wish that we actually want fulfilled?

Also are they always disguised?
Or can we at times take them at face value.

I had a dream last night, well basically, there is this girl i really like,
who is in my mind constantly throughout the day... yes i'm lost in her thought(sound like a lovesick puppy dont I?)
well anyhoo,
so last night i had this dream,
we were sitting in the study lounge, and supposedly there was a bar in the study lounge (how/why I have no clue but who's complaining), and people were dancing and chatting.
I sat with her at the bar, got a dry vermouth martini for myself, and she ordered an original margherita. We walked towards the table, and she said to me, "Udit I 'ave zis assignment that I would like you to 'ave a look at.. let me know if it is okay, ze professor is really strict...", "Sure *****, I'd love to.", "Oh zank you, I am so tired and **** went shopping and we travel so much...", she sat down in the chair, started her laptop( an HP i think,silver), and looked up at me, she was smiling(looked beautiful too), I put my arm around her hesitantly, and she rested her head on me, I then sat down next to her, and was looking through her assignment, and constantly looking at her, i caressed her hair, and then, i awoke!
what the hell!

I mean, rather than wish fulfillment, that's cruelty to animals..whoops sorry human aka boy aka Udit... I mean it's like giving me something that would not possibly happen in reality, I mean not just cause there are 10 days left till I leave Berkeley, but mainly cause well, I dont think she probably even thinks of me in that way ( yes girls have this strange "way" thing...will blog about this in a separate issue!)


more on dreams later...when my mind is clearer..

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Hahahah U love struck Puppy :)