Thursday, July 24, 2008


UPDATE : 25th JULY, 8:10PM

I had sent my pictures to and and i check my email today...
lo and behold, there's an email from Chris Balfe the Editor of Pitpass saying :

Dear Uditvanu,

Many thanks for that, much appreciated.

Chris Balfe


(my moment of shock, and tears of joy!)
So finally after a 2 week long house arrest i got to step out of the house today.

For those who didnt know, I had the dreaded tropical disease DENGUE, and that led to my illness, and subsequent house arrest.

I realized that many things had changed:

1. The Santacruz flyover was ready (didnt mean that the traffic was sorted)

2. Rains always throw a monkey wrench into Mumbai's gears! (no matter what the BMC says)

3. It takes 2 hours to get from Walkeshwar to Powai! (and the car time makes for interesting observations of hoardings, and bus shelters)

I was craving social interaction, and viola, I got social and a lot more.

Before you jump to conclusions... the lot more was :

1. Aching back
2. Crushed toes
3. An autograph, many would kill for!

So I was at the Vodafone Meet Lewis Hamilton Event, at Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, Mumbai. He was going to drive some laps of the circuit there, and we would get a chance to meet our HERO! (my champion is practicing in Jerez and burning his ass off.. yes I am talking about the Kimi Raikonnen.)

So anyhoo, I dragged my friend Purab along, and he being an avid Lewis fan, kept yelling into my ears from the time he spotted Lewis!

I carried my SLR with me.
Yes it's the Canon Rebel XTi 10mp. IT WAS A DREAM TO USE!

So it was only necessitated that the following figures be prevalent.

600 pictures

1/4000th of a second

1.2 GB

5 MB per picture

I have coverage of the event, which I could probably sell to magazines, and make pots of money...
but I shant... it's a hobby!

So why did i get the crushed toes? Well because I wanted Lewis' autograph. After all though I am a Ferrari fan, and am rooting for Kimi Raikonnen to beat Lewis' ass this year as well, F1 is universal, and any F1 superstar coming to India, is a big deal!

*****************And now on to the professional photos!******************

THE MP4 22 at the event

Me and the MP4-22 in the backdrop.

The rains hit mumbai... again.

Lewis gives a thumbs up to the crowd.

Purab Mehta, eagerly awaiting Lewis' arrival. (he arrived at 2pm)

Mr All Smiles at the event.

Lewis storms the track at Hakone. (9secs)

Lewis in the Vodafone cart.

The Autograph that got me crushed toes! Muhahahhah!

So after the event, we decided to head back to town (oh heavenly town), and my dear friend, Purab Mehta, feels hungry. So he dials JustDial (28888888).

Now while I endorse Google, as the answer to all of life's problems, thus is not the case with JustDial.

Our dear friend, wanted healthy fresh food, and thus a SUBWAY sandwich was apt. But little was he to know about the wild goose chase he was about to enter.

Such that when we reached the place of the "supposed SUBWAY", it was no where to be seen...

to which obviously my pat reply was:

(Eng Trans : They fooled you!)

So Vodafone may have the most dropped calls and the worst network coverage there is..
but when it comes to F1, they surely know how to make a fan's day!

Thus trust not what you hear, but what you see, and on this note ends this rainy, exciting post.

Till next time.

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