Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lost Blogs and Lost feet..

Well my blogs..
seem to have decided to get themselves lost from my account..
the controversial..
Mind Food

and the chilled, relaxed, carefree,
Crystal Chrysalis.


but what's lost is not just the blogs,
but the need to blog..

there's this thing,
called the blog bug..
once it bites you..
you have to keep blogging and blogging about everything and everything..
even minute(pr. mai-nute) mundane bullshit..

i've been through that experience...
it's like a disease!
*thankfully, m over it now*
*or so i hope*

so what's lost.
my feet.

my feet are lost.

to be continued in a spine chilling second half.

1 comment:

mesmerized said...

Spine Chillin ..... 2nd epi... hahah talk about building suspense :P